Why did Google decide to close Google Reader, or how popular is RSS?

    Starting today, when you access Google Reader, you will be warned that the site will be closed on July 1, 2013.

    You have several months to transfer all your savings to some other service.

    Obviously, Google does not consider syndication to be something important and necessary on the modern Internet, but unlike Yandex, which integrated the Lenta.yandex.ru reader with mail , Google completely refuses to support this format.

    Most likely, the company decided that RSS remained the geek standard, to the use of which it is almost impossible to connect new users. Google does not disclose statistics for its individual services. But public statistics show that the number of Google Reader users who click from it to other sites is not something that is not growing, but even falling:

    (this is the statistics of transitions from Google Reader to Lenta.ru)

    It seems that in the near future it remains to forget about RSS webmasters who are much more concerned about the presentation of their sites on social networks, and we will see the sunset of another format, which has lost the support of market players.

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