AWS: Now you can copy AMI images between regions

    Hallelujah, comrades, it happened! image

    Not so long ago, AWS introduced the function of copying snapshots between regions . It is very logical that the next step was taken - copying AMI.

    The Copy command appeared in the console in the AMI section:

    Next, you will be asked to select the region and image name:

    Also after updating the CLI:
    $ pip install --upgrade  awscli

    the command appeared:
    $ aws ec2 copy-image --source-image-id ami-e251c28b --source-region us-east-1 --name Ubuntu1004 --description CopyOfUbuntu --region us-west-2
    49d9872e-a5f8-4062-b9e3-44e7503769df	ami-ce1d88fe

    What does this new function promise us and how did we do without it before?

    The function of copying images is needed for DR and for infrastructure distributed between regions. There used to be custom scripts that drove AMI across regions. And now it has become several orders of magnitude easier to do.

    Dear AWS users, will it be easier for you with this new feature?

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