Chrome Super Sync Sports Browser Game

Google recently launched a special browser game called Chrome Super Sync Sports . But it is different from those games that we knew before.
The new service turns your mobile device into a game joystick that allows you to control games running in the Chrome browser on your computer. The game allows you to use the unique capabilities of mobile devices when playing on screens with any diagonal.

In order to use Chrome Super Sync Sports , you need to go to on your computer, select the game and the desired mode (one or more players).

In addition, you need to download a mobile browser from Googleon your smartphone. Then go to . For the service to work, you need a Wi-Fi connection.

Then synchronize your mobile device with your computer by clicking on the link in the Chrome browser on your smartphone or tablet and typing a unique code on your computer’s screen.

After the synchronization is completed, you only need to choose one of the 50 athletes (the description of each of them and the musical accompaniment will make you smile ) using the control arrows on your smartphone or tablet and get ready to start.

Your hero on the computer monitor will move as soon as you perform any action with the touch screen of a mobile device.

There are currently three games available for Chrome Super Sync Sports - running, cycling, and swimming. The graphics in all three games are simple, the management is not difficult, and the gameplay is diverse, however, each of the games can captivate, and for a long time. You can play four in Chrome Super Sync Sports, competing on the same screen, using smartphones or tablets to control the characters of the games.

To win the race and see your name on the Hall of Fame (to do this, touch the trophy icon in the upper left corner of the screen), you need to perform certain actions on the touch screen as soon as possible.

At this time, the mobile device is synchronized with the computer and your actions are displayed in the browser on the PC.

Chrome’s experiments use state-of-the-art Web technologies, including the HTML5 WebSockets protocol for real-time game synchronization between a computer and mobile devices, as well as Canvas and CSS3 for better graphics.

System requirements

  • On a smartphone or tablet: Chrome for mobile devices running Android 4.0 and later; Chrome for mobile devices running iOS 4.3 and later; Firefox version 15 and higher; Safari version 5 and higher.
  • On the computer: Chrome version 15 and higher; Safari version 5.06 and higher; Firefox version 10 and higher

Browser Link: Smartphone

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