Logic - the most interesting news of the gaming and IT industry №16

    Another week has passed. But it was not just a week - it was the last days of winter. Spring has finally arrived. Although, the first days of spring were even worse than some of the winter ones. Anyway. We will not devote so much time to the weather. Better take the time to the most interesting news of the gaming and IT industry in our weekly concise selection called “Logic”. So let's go.

    News ... but no, it's just rumors

    • It became known that the development of Star Wars 1313 was frozen . This is due to the fact that Disney acquired Lucasfilm, including LucasArts.
    • Just a crazy hype turned around Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. Today it became known that the game will be released on October 29 this year.
    • There is information that Splinter Cell: Blacklist may go on Wii U.

    Game Console News

    • The developers of the OUYA Android console officially announced that the first batch of the device will be sent to sponsors on March 28 this year.
    • German Hulst, managing director of Guerrilla Games Studios, told The Guardian that the PlayStation 4 console was created with the participation of Sony internal studios.
    • Nintendo 3DS goes on sale in Japan in two new colors: light blue and pink. Nintendo said that it would be possible to find such devices in stores on March 20.
    • Some users of the NeoGAF form have attempted to establish the cost of manufacturing the PlayStation 4 .
    • The Xbox 720 will host two processors, each of which consists of four x64 cores.
    • The Kotaku portal has tweeted a Japanese journalist who found out from Sony that the PlayStation 4 console will not support Audio CDs and super Super Audio CDs.
    • Vice President of Sony Worldwide Studios Europe Mile Dénia, in an interview with the OPM portal, spoke about the new DualShock.
    • Sony has announced that it will be possible to play at the Electronic Entertainment Expo on the recently announced PlayStation 4 console this year.
    • Microsoft will show the new console on April 26th. This, citing a reliable source, said Rob Crossley, editor of the CVG portal, on his twitter.

    A selection of trailers

    Author blogs

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    • Buying Guide: Buy Elephant - Vasily “Bif” Karpushev tried to save his and your money. If he succeeded, you can look in his author's blog.
    • Opinion: Dead Space 3 through the eyes of a science fiction fan - Nikita "Nick" Sergeevich wrote about his own opinion (IMHO, as they say) about Dead Space 3. You can agree or argue with the author in the comments. Only please, keep yourself in control.
    • What will Microsoft learn from its competitors? - Alexander “puchkov_” Puchkov decided to predict the future of the company from Redmond, and more precisely, the future of the Xbox game console. Does the next generation of Xbox have a fate? Can she resist the PlayStation 4? What will she be like? You will find answers to all these and many other questions in the author’s blog Aleksandar.
    • Review: Persone4: The Golden - Alexander “Sandertaker” Talashin wrote on his blog an excellent review of an equally excellent game, which, unfortunately, has not yet gained the world recognition that it deserves. In general, the taste and color, as they say ...

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