Erlang / OTP R16B released

    Accidentally opening at the end of the working day , I discovered some good news: today we released the new version of Erlang / OTP - R16B.

    Going over highlights , highlighted the following.

    Non-blocking code loading

    Or in Russian, non-blocking code loading.
    Now the virtual machine will continue to work while you are loading / reloading a new module.


    HTTPS support through proxy.


    The number of table locks has been increased from 16 to 64.
    Deletion of tables has been optimized.


    Functions added: float_to_list / 2 (with the number of decimal places), binary_to_integer / 1,2, integer_to_binary / 1, binary_to_float / 1, float_to_binary / 1,2. Now you do not need this dumb list_to_integer(binary_to_list(Int)).

    As well as numerous improvements in working with ports, some of which, however, can cause problems with backward compatibility (for more details see paragraph OTP-10336 in highlights ) and changes that are less noticeable at first glance.

    Unfortunately, changelog is not very readable, so I probably missed some important points.

    UPD : Another important point, which by the way was not found in realese notes: the use of a “point” in atoms is now unacceptable (although this has not been done in off-site docks before, but has been encountered in many applications).
    Previously, you could:

    Now it will be syntax_error.

    Also popular now: