Toronto-based Canadian Coinkite Cryptobank startup offers offline payment service for cryptocurrencies

    Toronto- based Canadian company Coinkite Cryptobank provides a full range of services and solutions for the vertical integration of Bitcoin and Litecoin for offline consumers and sellers in the field of electronic commerce.
    For acquiring customers are offered:
    • online banking
    • issuing debit plastic cards
    • POS-terminals for transactions (payment of purchases) in Bitcoin and Litecoin

    The company positions itself as an inspiration for consumers and sellers to use cryptocurrencies in electronic commerce. The presented cryptoequiring system was developed by a Canadian company for its own needs and internal use, but subsequently it was decided to make the service publicly available.
    Registration of clients on the company's Internet server page is currently carried out by invitation. An invitation can be requested through the subscription form using the link on the page.
    Currently, a free 14-day trial period for using the system and three customer service tariff plans are available:
    Service costMostly free฿ 0.06 per month or ฿ 0.5 per year (10% discount)฿ 0.18 per month or ฿ 1.5 per year (10% discount)
    The number of sub. accounts each currency210No limits
    Withdrawal commission2.47%1000 free transactions per monthFree Unlimited
    Free Debit Card IssueNot provided110
    Deposit (deposit) of fundsFree Unlimited
    Withdraw funds via POS-terminalFree Unlimited
    Commission for the "miners" (miners)Not charged (For the quickest confirmation of transfers, the company pays commissions at its own expense.)
    Supply (provision) of POS terminalNot providedYesWith extra discount
    Priority Email SupportNot overdueYes
    Coinkite POS terminal provides a reliable way to receive Bitcoin payments in offline mode in the same way as with regular credit cards in payment terminals. The device is fully customizable and works exclusively with Bitcoin and Litecoin cryptocurrencies.

    POS terminal features:
    • Making Bitcoin payments without a computer, phone or tablet
    • High-quality laser QR-code reader for scanning public keys (Bitcoin addresses)
    • Built-in printer for printing QR codes and replenishment receipts
    • Coinkite debit card deposit and withdrawal
    • Accepting payments from any Bitcoin user, including from the official Bitcoin-QT client , Coinbase , Bitstamp , BIPS and many others
    • Retail purchase / sale of your Bitcoin
    • Connect to the World Wide Web anywhere via GSM and Wi-Fi
    • Control of exchange rates any time (printout on check)
    • Setting your own exchange rate
    • Printing Invoices
    • and much more ...

    The preferential cost of the terminal (on pre-order) at the moment is ฿ 2.9. This amount does not include shipping costs and customs fees. The maximum number of terminals available for ordering from one account is 50 units. The preliminary delivery date is the first quarter of 2014.
    PS It is noteworthy that a number of other projects already exist for using Bitcoin offline: this is a smart card gateway for a Bitcoin wallet and a stub application for VeriFone Verix V POS terminals . A fully integrated hardware-assisted cryptocurrency (POS) cryptocurrency acquiring solution was announced for the first time.

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