MasterCard has announced a new payment service MasterPass

    On February 25, in Sydney, MasterCard announced the launch of MasterPass, the future of digital payments. This technology will allow you to combine all of all the main payment methods - from plastic cards to electronic wallets and gives users the ability to make payments from anywhere in the world with one simple touch. The first country to test the technology will be Australia in March this year.
    With a single click (or tap), Australians will be able to access all their cards and digital wallets, without having to enter payment information each time. This should significantly speed up the shopping process.

    MasterPass service package includes:

    • The service of registration and payment of the order.
      Provides sellers with a convenient mechanism for receiving payments, regardless of the location of the buyer. At the checkout or near shelves with goods - MasterPass will support NFC, QR codes, price tags, automatic terminals, as well as traditional plastic cards. The consumer will receive a simple convenient way to make purchases without having to enter payment information and / or a shipping address.
    • MasterPass Wallets.
      They will allow banks, sellers and other partners to offer their customers their own wallets. Consumers will be able to safely store information about their cards, addresses and other information in a secure cloud organization. In this case, it will be possible to use other credit or debit cards, in addition to MasterCard.
    • Additional services that will make the purchase process even more enjoyable.
      They will provide the consumer with additional information, such as, for example, account balance information, real-time notifications, loyalty programs, special offers, etc.

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