Everyone can program at any age.

    Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Jack Dorsey and others co-starred in the CodeOrg non-profit foundation to inspire children to start programming.

    Silicon Valley stars talk about their first programming experience and ponder what would happen if they could start programming back in school.
    CodeOrg encourages you to learn about the new "superpower", which is not taught in 90% of American schools.

    Code.org is a non-profit foundation founded by brothers Ali and Hadi Partovi . The purpose of the organization is to facilitate the study of programming in schools. On the site, any student can start programming lessons, and computer science teachers can leave a request if they want such courses to begin at his school.

    You can start lessons without registering. The site has links to Scratch, you can study under the Codeacademy, Khan Academy or CodeHS programs.

    The foundation itself so includes in its tasks:

    • To convey information that there is a shortage of programmers around the world, and learning to program is much easier than you think.
    • Create an authoritative base of all schools where you can study programming: be it online courses, ordinary schools or summer camps.

    Our vision is that every student in every school should be able to learn programming. We believe computer science and programming should be part of the core curriculum, along with courses such as biology, physics, chemistry and algebra.
    You can leave a signature on the site if you think that students from all schools should be able to program. True, all this relates to the USA.

    A project can be helped with money or time. If you are a programmer and are willing to spend several hours a week for free, for example, checking students' tasks, you can leave your coordinates and promise to contact you.

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