Books on Caché and MUMPS

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    Caché Technology, which has inherited M-Technology (MUMPS), has been developing for over 30 years. But not so many academic books on MUMPS in general and on Caché in particular are known, and such books in Russian are even more rare.
    Nevertheless, there is technical literature on Caché, moreover, new books appear. This post provides an overview of the current status of books on Caché and M-technologies in Russia and the world — books that can be purchased online. Post-relational

    DBMS Caché 5
    Object-oriented application development

    Wolfgang Kirsten, Michael Ihringer, Matthias Kühn, Bernhard Roerig
    Binom Publishing House, 2003.

    The book was published in 2003, the last edition dates from 2011.
    The book was created to work with Caché 5, and today is the latest release version of Caché 2012.2 - so of course a lot of water has flowed, and many of the tricks described in the book are already being done differently.
    However, the content is mainly still relevant, the book is suitable for studying M-technology in general and Caché's object paradigm in particular. The book will be useful for both beginners and as a handbook developer Caché. A classic of its kind.
    According to the book you can study:
    • Caché Objects - Caché object model, class hierarchy, projection of Caché classes in Java;
    • data access: object, relational (Cache SQL / JDBC / ODBC), direct access.
    • Caché Object Script - a language for describing business logic: commands, operators, functions, lists;
    • Cache Server Pages (CSP) - a technology for developing web applications that work with data in Caché and with Caché acting as an application server;
    • Work with XML and web services.

    DBMS Caché: work with objects
    Trub II
    Dialog-MEPhI Publishing House, 2006
    The book presents an analysis of the paradigm of object DBMSs and their main differences, advantages and disadvantages compared to relational DBMSs. The Caché DBMS object model, the class hierarchy, class elements, and DBMS capabilities are deeply examined, and object and relational data access are considered.
    In addition, the author, based on the object capabilities of Caché, offers his own approach to the development of Caché base classes and what advantages can be drawn from this when building information systems.
    The book is useful for in-depth study of the object component of the Caché DBMS, but it is also complete for studying the basic development techniques on Caché and studying the key features of the system of the M-technology family: language commands, global, indirectness. The aspects of building web-applications using CSP are considered.

    And, after a long break - finally a new book about M-technologies:
    MUMPS DBMS. Application practice and programming experience
    Karataev E.
    Solon Publishing House, 2013

    The book reviews the ANS MUMPS standard M-technology and also develops the standard in various implementations of system vendors. In particular, the DBMS features MiniM, Caché, StarM, GT.M.
    The book is generously flavored with the experience of the author, so it is also a guide to the effective use of MUMPS in application development.
    The book can be useful to a novice developer on MUMPS, it can also be a guide to language functions and development techniques for daily work.

    It should be noted that foreign authors did not doze off, and in 2012 the book

    Caché ObjectSript and MUMPS
    Paul “Mike” Kadow was published

    The book is a complete reference on the Caché ObjectScript language with a large number of examples, but for some reason it does not cover the latest Caché innovations - error handling using try-catch blocks and regular expressions. Nevertheless, the Caché object model is well disclosed in the book: class elements, hierarchy of library classes, collections, relationships, lists. Also, dynamic SQL access to Caché is shown on the example of the% SQL.Statement class, which is faster and more efficient than the obsolete% Result.SQL. To date, the book is the most relevant desktop reference for Caché ObjectScript.

    There are a number of classic books on MUMPS, such as:
    Hesse S., Kirsten V. “Introduction to the M. programming language”
    Kirsten V. “From ANS MUMPS to ISO M”
    But they are not for sale today and you can probably find them in electronic scanned form or in technical libraries if you wish.

    As for the Caché DBMS, the technology is still in search of the author of the book, because None of the listed works fully discuss its contemporary features, namely:
    • error handling model in Caché (try-catch in addition to etrap);
    • work with regular expressions (in addition to working with templates);
    • work with system events to synchronize processes and much more;
    • features of deployment, configuration and administration.
    In addition, the author is not yet available for the book on the ESB platform InterSystems Ensemble . I hope this situation will change soon, and the first book on building integration solutions with Ensemble will be published in Russian.

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