The “consumer” version of Google Glass will be available later this year.

    A few days ago on Habré news appeared on the distribution of Google Glass prototypes. Apparently, the Google Glass project is approaching the final stage, and the finished version for ordinary buyers, not developers, will be presented at the end of this year. This is significantly faster than previously planned. The cost of the device will not be $ 1,500, but lower, although it is not yet known exactly how much lower.

    At the very beginning of the project, it was reported that Google Glass would indeed be available at the end of this year. Moreover, the price, which was then discussed, should not have exceeded (maybe not much) the price of smartphones presented on the modern market of mobile devices. Most likely, the flagships of the mobile market were meant, but here one can only guess.

    Then, in June 2012, Sergey Brin announced that the device would become available to ordinary customers only in 2014. Now, apparently, the plans have changed a bit again, and the “consumer” version (now there are several options for the gadget, and each of the options has the right to life) they plan to introduce Google Glass all the same this year. And we are talking about the availability of the gadget in the market, and not about a simple announcement.

    Not so long ago, the extension of the pre-order program of the mentioned device was announced, and the relevant news already appearedon Habré. I would like to believe that Google Glass will indeed appear on sale this year. And even more I would like to believe that the price of the device will be below $ 1,500. Although even in this case one can expect increased consumer demand, these Google Glass are very unusual gadgets.

    Via techcrunch

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