New Google Campus Project

    Google is famous for its offices. Probably any programmer wants to work on Googleplex.
    But not one of the company's offices was built from scratch. She just took the existing real estate and rebuilt to fit her needs.
    Google has recently made an attempt to build its own office. In 2011, the German architect Christophe Ingenhoven was hired, who was supposed to design a complex of ultra-modern buildings near the existing Googleplex. But a year later, the company decided to abandon this project and implement its plans in another part of Mountain View - closer to the San Francisco Bay. For this, it was decided to find a new architect.
    At the disposal of the Vanity Fair resource was a render of a new project prepared by the NBBJ architectural bureau.

    The new campus, called Bay View, consists of 9 similar four-story buildings. Their bizarre shape, as explained by David Radcliffe (the chief builder overseeing the company's real estate), will maximize how he expresses “accidental labor clashes”. None of the employees of the huge complex with an area of ​​100 thousand square meters will be further than 2.5 minutes walk from any other.
    All buildings are interconnected by bridges that will allow employees to get to one of the "green" roofs, which will house a cafe and meeting places.
    The new campus, like existing buildings, will be replete with cafes and combine both quiet secluded workplaces and places for communication. Google also collected and analyzed the wishes of its employees about what jobs they would like to have, how important it is for some groups to be next to others, etc. All this was also taken into account in the design.

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