Google introduced App Launcher for windows version of Chrome browser

    In November of this year, news appeared on Habré that Google was developing an application launcher for its Chrome browser. At the same time, the appearance of the launcher coincides with the counterpart from Chrome OS. In general, now the Launcher App for the Chrome browser (windows version) is officially presented.

    On Windows, the launcher works the same way as on Chrome OS: you do not need to launch the Crhome browser to run a specific application. The launcher icon is placed on the Windows toolbar, and when you click on the icon, a menu appears with all the applications from Google. In general, quite convenient.

    So far, this version of the launcher is available only to users who are subscribed to the Google Chrome Dev Channel, and is distributed only through this channel. Among other things, you need to install the Chrome packaged appso that the launcher actually starts. The self-installing application is a web application that can run without a browser and is written using HTML and JavaScript.

    If you don’t want to do all this, there is another way to get to know App Launcher - add “-show-app-list” to the Chrome shortcut.


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