Since March, Twitter begins to disable API 1.0

    I want to share and remind habrazhitel those who use the Twitter API in their products. Both versions of the API are currently available, but API 1.0 in the documentation is already marked as “deprecated” and will be disabled since March 2013.

    API 1.1 Features

    Now it will be impossible to perform a search without authentication; All requests must be executed in the context of the account / token.

    All speed limits apply in the context of a 15 minute window. Each requested method has its own limitations. Limitations are imposed on the number of connections per minute, the usual values ​​are 15 and 180. For example, the “search” method is limited to 180 connections per 15 minutes.

    Only JSON will be available as the transport protocol, and XML is no longer supported.

    Twitter informs you of your current speed and limits via the HTTP X-Rate-Limit headers.

    Restrictions on the speed of reconnections. Too annoying clients will be banned by IP - for the REST API and Streaming API their limitations.

    For continuous collection, it is recommended to use the Streaming API, which allows you to receive tweets on a specific topic in the stream mode in one connection.

    Check your client for compatibility with API 1.1, as the communication protocol is different from API 1.0.

    If you don’t have enough speed to collect tweets, you can turn to the services of intermediaries - paid series recommended by Twitter.

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