Kaspersky Grants: A Second Space for Your Ideas

    To earn a name and money on information security, you do not need to go to the calls “home master for your PC”, but make a more fundamental contribution to the industry. If you have interesting ideas in one of the areas of interest to Kaspersky Lab, then you can take part in a contest organized by the company and get 100 thousand rubles for the implementation of the project. And the experience of previous years shows that participation in the program itself becomes a “rocket pack” for competitors, exalting the world of big IT.


    Winning a contest is easier than it sounds. In information security, new topics constantly arise (usually unpleasant), so it is more than realistic to find an original and useful field of research. For example, in 2011, Yaroslav Turovsky from Voronezh State University, who came to IB from the standpoint of pure psychology, was among the winners — his study was called “Cognitive models of victim behavior in cyberspace.” In general, a variety of areas of knowledge apply to the topic of information security - from the analysis of Big Data to parallel computing on the GPU in cryptographic algorithms.

    When the original idea was born, you need to fill out a brief application on the website of the Kaspersky Academy, and hold your breath until April 15 - on this day the finalists will be determined among the contestants. They will have to conduct their research within six months in order to present it to the jury at the very beginning of December and find out who became the winner and recipient of the coveted grants. There are five nominations this year: “Classification of malicious and potentially dangerous programs,” “Methods for detecting and analyzing cyber threats,” “Information security in a corporate environment,” “Content analysis,” and “Mobile device security.” Everything is very tasty, promising and very, very much in demand by business. And the approval of Kaspersky Lab experts is a kind of quality mark. Here is another winner of the past, Igor Sychev, who says this: “After the grant ... I went for an internship at Microsoft Research in Redmond, WA, USA, where he was an intern at Extreme Computing Group during the summer of 2012. Now I’ve returned to Russia and work at ABBYY (we are doing a project on the Skolkovo grant), I am studying at the graduate school at the Higher School of Economics. As the HR officers and my Microsoft mentor told me, they did not understand what Kaspersky Grant was, but it sounded cool. So to say, a quality mark that the brooms of brooms will not be knitted. So participation in the program affected my work very well - I would hardly have gotten into Microsoft Research without participating in Kaspersky Lab Grants. ”

    A pleasant change in the current grant program was that not only Russian researchers, but also their colleagues from other CIS countries can participate in the competition: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine. Applications are already open, you need to have time to tell about yourself, your experience and your projects before March 18, 2013.

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