PyCon for students

    Strictly speaking, PyCon Russia is not quite a student event (we tried very hard to make the program interesting for experienced developers). But since guests of this kind rarely visit the Urals, and we at IT-People somehow traditionally worry about creating an interesting professional environment, here are two steps that we will take this time:

    1) February 26, 2013 - in Ural Federal University open lecture for everyone, which will be read by one of PyCon's headliners - Dr. Russell Keith-Magee (President of the Django Software Foundation, member of the Django core team, CTO of TradesCloud). It seems that this will be the first performance of an Australian developer at a Ural university :) He will use his own example to talk about how participation in open source projects helps in the professional development of developers from a student’s bench.

    Theme: " Bootstrapping your career with Open Source "

    Open source gives present-day IT / CS students the ability to develop an international profile and reputation while they're still studying. This is a magnificent opportunity for career development that is woefully underutilized. In this lecture, Django Core Developer and Django Software Foundation President Russell Keith-Magee will describe his own path into open source contribution, and show how contributing to open source can help you find the career of your dreams. He will also provide a helpful guide to getting involved in open source projects.

    I think it should be very cool! :) If anything - register here: is required, as it is possible to enter the university only by preliminary lists). Of course, it will be possible to talk with Russell on other topics. The event is free.

    2) Special student price for attending the conference: 3000 rubles . (in essence, this is compensation for meals and transfers on both days).

    In order to get to the conference at a student price, you need to register at and write in the comments that you are a student. Payment in cash at the IT-People office or on the day of the conference upon presentation of the student.

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