Mega will launch mail, chat, voice, video and mobile service

    Kim Dotcom intends to seriously expand the range of services provided. Yesterday, he announced on Twitter that in the “coming years” he would launch mail, voice and video chat, and also release a mobile application. Everything will be based on encryption and other functions that guarantee the protection of information.

    The potential audience for audio and video chat are current Skype users who are dissatisfied with the Skype / Microsoft security policy. The same applies to mail: many do not like the fact that Gmail, Hotmail and other providers have stored access logs and other information for years, providing this data at the request of government agencies. For example, under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Amendments Act, US intelligence agencies have access rights without a warrant to files of a foreign citizen on the cloud hosting of any American company. Because of this, EU citizens are cautioned against using American cloud services. There is no hope on Google either: company representatives made it clearthat they will never encrypt user mail, because in this case they will not be able to display contextual advertising.

    New Zealand and the Mega crypto platform can become a kind of “safe haven” - the safest place on the Internet for personal data, mail and services. Former hacker Kim Dotcom sees an excellent commercial opportunity here.

    By launching mail, chat, and a mobile application, the Mega service can grow into much more than just hosting. It claims to be the cryptographic infrastructure for various online services. With the release of the API, a real platform will open, open to third-party developers.

    Yesterday there was another announcement. Mega services can now be paid with bitcoins through the Bitvoucher cash desk. Thus, cryptographically secure hosting can be paid for with anonymous P2P cryptocurrency, which is quite logical. Mega Pro I

    tariff plans : hosting 500 GB, traffic 1 TB per month, cost 0.5184 BTC per month or 5.1888 BTC per year. Mega Pro II : hosting 2 TB, traffic 4 TB per month, cost 1.0373 BTC per month or 10.3781 BTC per year. Mega Pro III : hosting 4 TB, traffic 8 TB per month, cost 1.553 BTC per month or 15.5674 BTC per year. The cost of services will dynamically change, in accordance with the change in the BTC rate to other currencies. If you think that the BTC rate will increase, then it is more profitable to pay monthly. If it falls, then it is more profitable to pay for the year ahead.

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