Make mistakes, but don't repeat them thrice.

    “Show me a man who has never made a mistake in my life, and I will show you a man who has not achieved anything,” - Joan Collins

    In a football team that had a very bad season, the club management decided to replace the head coach. The old head coach, handing over the affairs, warned his successor that in the safe he leaves three envelopes numbered: number 1, number 2 and number 3.

    " If you have problems, then open them in turn ," he said.

    The new coach started to work. The first season ended and the team showed very poor results. The coach was called to the carpet. Remembering the advice of his predecessor, he opened the safe, opened the number 1 envelope. It read: " Get everything on me". That was what he did. The club management gave him the opportunity to improve the situation.

    Another season is passing. The team is playing even worse. The coaches are being called up again to the safe. He opens envelope number 2, reads:" Take all the blame . " The coach at the meeting with the club’s management does the following: “ Yes, I’m guilty, I didn’t manage, made mistakes, looked somewhere, got excited someplace .” And the club management gives him another chance to rectify the situation.

    The third season and the team flies out of the league which she played in. An irate guide calls the coach again. he walks to the safe and opens the last envelope, and it says: “ Prepare three envelopes .”

    - The story is reprinted by ear from Igor Mann’s audiobook “Marketing.”
    He himself heard it from his father.

    A little more text from that chapter:
    - Learn from mistakes, yours and others. Be prepared that more often you will have to learn from your mistakes. Firstly, few people admit their mistakes and share them. Secondly, as a rule, in order to learn a lesson, one must step on the rake himself. But be careful, management does not like employees who repeat the same mistakes.

    Everyone can make a mistake once. The second time to make a mistake is also excusable. Anyone who does not make mistakes does nothing at all. But repeating a mistake a third time is a sign that you are not learning. Make mistakes, learn from them, but do not repeat them three times.

    “If you learned from a mistake, then do not consider this mistake to be a mistake,” Vince Lombardi.

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