Graveyard of data

    The idea of ​​a startup. The code name is "Data Cemetery."

    The essence of the project:
    If you know for sure that some data existed, but your searches in search engines, torrents and other networks have not yielded any results and you have already despaired - you post a “death statement” to the Data Cemetery.

    If other project participants own this data or know how to find it, they answer where this data is alive and refute the statement of death.
    Otherwise, after some time, the application turns into a tombstone with a date) If no one finds the data, the tombstone becomes old, covered with moss, etc. But if many people need this lost data, then the grave remains well-groomed - there are flowers and all that.

    So that the project does not turn into a typical collective search service or “question-answer”, the rating system will help. If a person "bury" the data that in 5 minutes are in Google, he will receive a minus. Virtuoso data resuscitators will be encouraged by the pros and, possibly, financially.

    The purpose of the project is to identify data irretrievably lost on the Internet and, if possible, restore it.

    Audience source:
    1. Initial promotion
    2. Resurrected content will be placed in a convenient manner. Search engines will find him and catch up with people.
    3. A link will be generated for the graves, scattering which the author will be able to increase the votes for the resurrection. let's call it a prayer)
    4. Professional resuscitators as regular users.
    5. Integration with search engines.

    Some thoughts:
    * Users will have statuses. For example, an undertaker, a shaman, a magician ...
    * The ability to assign a reward for resurrection - SMS, WebMoney, Yandex money ...
    * Monetization:% of rewards, unpaid rewards, context
    * Altar - section containing resurrected data.
    * Host the resurrected data on the site and / or in the torrent
    * Immediately make both the Russian and English versions.
    * In the name of the project, focus on resurrection, not death.
    * Much attention should be paid to the design of graves as a way to display status: flowers, coins on the grave, visitors, various monuments depending on the type of data.

    Those wishing to take part in the project came up decently. Today or tomorrow I’ll get in touch.

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