Pocket gadgets: how “harmless” are they?

    “Our company is pleased to present you a mirror window blinds! Reflection coefficient - 0.99! Laser alert electronic warning system - included! Order now - and get a coupon for a free installation! The system compares favorably with asbestos curtains with an aesthetic appearance, which is especially important for the interior of modern city apartments! ”
    - with similar words, perhaps in the near future various ways of protection against“ laser pointers ”will be advertised.
    My friend has a laser pointer, the laser power of which sometimes allows you to hunt cockroaches. There is also a more complicated device - a laser obtained in the 90s from a defense plant in the Leningrad Region, with which it is not interesting to hunt cockroaches, is immediately charred. And with which he once ruined the tape recorder, which was turned on too loudly in the evening in the courtyard of the house.


    Of course, there is a difference between a laser the size of a felt-tip pen and a laser with a power supply. However, technological innovations that fall into the hands of users are becoming more and more potentially dangerous. For example, what can prevent the owner of a 1-2-watt laser from setting fire to the curtain in the apartment of the house opposite? Or “hunt” not for cockroaches, but for example, for birds?
    There are also harmless gadgets - pocket jammers for cell phones, pocket jammers for GPS receivers, pocket infrasound generators, etc. For almost all of them, the principle “open the lid, solder the wires, and will become 10 times more powerful” (I exaggerate, but not much.)
    Actually the forecast: sooner or later there will come a time when walking with a “regular” gadget will be just as “bespontovoe” how to use a DVD drive with unregulated regional protection. And then ... (here you can fantasize enough to the best of your skepticism) ...
    What then? Laws to restrict the wearing of "transmitting devices"? Licensing laser pointers through the police and a certificate from a psychiatric clinic? In general, some kind of cyberpunk future is expected if these processes go on their own. Although manufacturers of all sorts of "protections against .." will clearly benefit.

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