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    Good day, friends. Congratulations on completing the next week. Tomorrow, Monday is the first working day of the new week, which means that today is Sunday - it's time to devote yourself to Logic. For those who have just joined us, we inform you: “Logic” is a weekly concise selection of the most interesting news from the gaming and IT industry from our resource team.

    News from the world of game consoles

    • DualShock 4 is an updated version of the gamepad from Sony.
    • Sony's conference will be held in New York on February 20, at which, we believe, the announcement of the next-generation console will take place . We think the console will be called the PlayStation 4.
    • The Angry Birds Trilogy compilation, which includes Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Seasons with additional bonuses and levels, will be released on Nintendo consoles - Wii and Wii U.
    • Sony has found solutions to the issue of compatibility of its new console with games for the console of the current generation. The Wall Street Journal reports that the launch of games from the PlayStation 3 will be possible thanks to the cloud service Gaikai.
    • At the presentation of Nintendo Direct, the Japanese company made several announcements at once .
    • Just the other day, Wikipad Inc. announced the Wikipad gaming tablet. The company did not copy Sony, and separated the tablet itself and the mechanical controller.
    • CEO developers OUYA Julie Urman said that all games for their console will be distributed by the system free-to-try.
    • To date , more than 76 million Xbox 360 consoles and 24 million units of Kinect devices have been sold worldwide.

    Kickstarter: dreams come true, but not all

    • The tactical shooter Takedown, which is done by Serellan Studios, has found a publisher. 505 Games will be publishing the game, which scored $ 221,000 last year on Kickstarter.
    • The creator of the RPG Wildman, Chris Taylor, stopped the campaign to raise funds for the development of the game three days before its completion. The game managed to raise 504 thousand dollars from the $ 1.1 million claimed.
    • A group of Swedish students from the media department have started raising funds to finance a documentary called “A Tale of Internet Spaceships”.
    • Norwegian studio Red Thread Games, which bought the license for the development of Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey from Funcom, presented its project on the Kickstarter website.

    Game Industry News

    • Epic Games suspended the development of the project and announced the closure of the internal team Impossible Studios - this team was developing the Infinity Blade: Dungeons.
    • Just the other day, the winners of the DICE 2013 Awards were announced, and today the BAFTA 2013 nominees were announced.
    • The action Watch Dogs, which received a lot of awards at last year's E3, will be available on Christmas Eve 2013.
    • Blizzard Studio added Diablo III battles between players. The developers announced this on the official website of the game.
    • The fan community of Deadpool Bugle reported that an advertisement for the game was found in the last issue of the comic .
    • Publisher Take-Two officially announced that it had acquired the rights to a series of games about WWE wrestling.

    A bit about Steam

    • Valve officially launched the Linux version of its Steam service. This was reported on the official website of the service.
    • In the Steam service , an editor is available for creating modifications to the RAGE shooter. The editor was released by the gaming publisher Bethesda.

    Companies, people and their plans

    • Studio Quantic Dream is not only working on Beyond: Two Souls. We learned about this from an interview with David Cage, the head of Quantic Dream, which is available on the Gameindustry portal.
    • One of the designers of the platform game LIMBO decided to make a new game. The platformer , yes, another platformer, was called 140.
    • Rumors that Aliens: Colonial Marines shooter will not be released for the Nintendo Wii U console, whose legs grow from the Kotaku site, have been disproved .
    • Film company Warner Bros. thinking about releasing a film adaptation of the popular racing arcade Spy Hunter.
    • Epic Games and Microsoft are working on a secret project on the Gears of War universe.
    • The creators of the game Rayman Legends from the studio Ubisoft Montpellier protest against the decision of Ubisoft to postpone the release of the project in the fall.
    • Publisher Warner has officially announced that it will release the continuation of the Batman Arkham series.
    • The development community decided to award Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka, the founders of BioWare, for their contribution to the development of the gaming industry.

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