Yahoo dissatisfied with Microsoft

    The other day, Marissa Meyer, the current head of Yahoo, said that now cooperation with Microsoft does not justify itself, either financially or strategically. It is worth recalling that even under the former head of Yahoo, Carol Bartz, a ten-year strategic partnership agreement was signed between Yahoo Inc. and Microsoft.

    Under the agreement, Yahoo pledged to use the Bing search service instead of its own search. In addition, a number of agreements were adopted, which, according to Yahoo management at the time, were supposed to help Yahoo Inc. get out of the financial and strategic pit. According to Marissa Meyer, two years have passed, and the positive results of such a partnership have not yet been seen.

    Together, both companies also intended to compete with Google in a number of areas, including mobile search. No result yet. Moreover, the funds spent by Yahoo on the transition to a new search platform have not yet paid off, and the company will have to make significant efforts to go to zero.

    Interestingly, the other day, Yahoo signed another significant agreement, this time with Google. Under the agreement, ads from Google will be shown on some sites of Yahoo Inc., which will make more money. Under the terms of the agreement, Yahoo will work with Google services such as AdSense and AdMob.

    Via computeractive + cbronline

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