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    According to statistics, failures and breakdowns in power supply systems are the main cause of data center failures. The more important is the competent selection of appropriate technical solutions that should ensure reliable operation of IT equipment.

    Founded in 2009, PDU eXpert is based in Wellington (United Kingdom) and is one of the leading manufacturers of power distribution, control, monitoring and energy management equipment for data centers in Europe. As the name implies, the company specializes in the design and manufacture of Power Distribution Units (PDUs), offering a wide range of related products. At the same time, there are other solutions in its portfolio, including automatic switches (ATS), uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), a control system, etc., which makes it possible to form a complete solution from one manufacturer.

    Basic PDUs

    PDU eXpert offers a wide range of PDUs: non-intelligent and controllable, single phase and three phase, with additional features, etc.

    The KWB basic range includes non-intelligent vertical PDU units (0U) and horizontal mounting units with different numbers of different types of sockets. In particular, the units are available with sockets IEC C13, C19 and European Schuko sockets.

    PDU with lockable connectors (click lock mechanism)

    Blocks with IEC C13 and C19 sockets are offered as standard as well as with lockable electrical connectors (click lock). IEC C13 models are also manufactured with a side lock (slide lock) and with individual fuses.

    The KWB family also includes PDUs with a secure sequential launch. In these products, a sequential start-up with a delay of switching on the socket for 1 second

    We also note the presence of so-called hybrid PDUs in the eXpert PDU product portfolio . In these solutions, standard PDUs are complemented by elements such as mini-switches, electricity meters, EMI filters.

    When accounting and control is important

    Today, energy efficiency is starting to worry customers more and more seriously. And it's not only and not even so much the desire to minimize the negative impact on nature, as in an effort to save on electricity bills. By reducing energy consumption, not only operating costs are reduced (OPEX). The customer can significantly reduce the cost of equipment - CAPEX. If IT systems consume less electricity, then they produce less heat, therefore, you can save on an expensive air conditioning system or refuse to install it at all.

    To reduce power consumption, first of all, it is necessary to monitor its current state. It is best to do this at the level of PDU distributors, which directly connects the terminal IT equipment. For this purpose, developed and produced "smart" PDU with means of controlling electricity consumption.

    KWX family of intelligent PDUs

    In the PDU Expert product portfolio , there are four KWX-N family units that come in four versions:

    • N1 models provide total control of power passing through the entire PDU, including the total current (A), the input and output voltage (V) and the total electricity consumption (kWh) by all devices connected to the PDU;
    • N2 models differ from N1 models in that they allow monitoring at the level of each individual outlet. They provide an opportunity to obtain data on the power consumption of individual devices connected to the PDU;
    • Devices of the N3 model have all the same functions as the N1 models, but additionally allow the user to remotely turn on and off individual sockets. This may be convenient for servicing IT complexes, for example, when you need to restart a server remotely;
    • Finally, the most functional N4 models provide the ability to monitor individual outlets (as N2), and their remote on / off (as N3). They are in demand in cases where the requirements for monitoring and remote maintenance are maximum.

    The KWX product family also includes ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) devices that provide load switching between the primary (primary) and backup (backup) power sources. Such switching is carried out in less than 8 ms, which means maintaining uninterrupted supply of electricity to the load. These products may be in demand in the implementation of fault-tolerant complexes, the need for which is rapidly growing as IT becomes more important in the activities of companies, and organizations of all activities of the

    KWX-ATS device switch loads to a backup power source in less than 8 ms

    KWX-ATS devices, as well as KWX-N distributors, are also divided into N1, N2, N3 and N4 models depending on the level of monitoring of power consumption (the entire device or individual sockets) and the availability of remote on / off sockets. But their capabilities, in addition to the ATS functionality, are significantly enhanced by the ability to connect up to eight sensors:

    • temperature / humidity;
    • smoke;
    • infrared radiation;
    • opening the door;
    • air flow;
    • water ingress.

    KWX-ATS workplace monitoring capabilities are extremely important to ensure the smooth and safe operation of IT equipment. So, in time, having received a signal that the temperature in the rack is above the set threshold, the engineers serving the data center will be able to adjust the cooling system or transfer the IT load to other racks or server rooms. No need to explain how important it is to timely receive warnings about water entering the rack, smoke or unauthorized opening of the cabinet door with critical IT equipment.

    Although the eXpert PDU offers a wide range of intelligent PDUs, sometimes data centers need a special solution. Under the order, eXpert PDU designs and manufactures power distribution units with different variants of input and output ports, with sequential start, equipped with filters, individual fuses, with different variants of overvoltage protection.

    Uninterrupted power supply

    In addition to power distribution solutions, PDU Expert also offers other products, including racks and cabinets (from 18U to 47U high), as well as UPSs of various capacities.

    The PDUeX JY UPS series includes classic transformer single and three-phase UPSs from 1 to 40 kVA. For the organization of fault-tolerant complexes, these UPSs can be installed in parallel, and their efficiency in eco mode can reach 98%. The use of transformers ensures galvanic isolation of the input and output, which creates an additional level of protection for critical loads.

    The company also offers compact UPS with a power of 2 kVA (model PDUeX BHRTW200) and 3 kVA (PDUeX-BH3KVA-RM), built on IGBT transistors. These UPSs are optimally placed in a standard rack. 3 kVA models are available in both single and three phase versions. Despite the small capacity, UPSs of 2 and 3 kVA also support the possibility of organizing parallel systems. The 2 kVA devices have built-in rechargeable batteries capable of providing independent load power for 5 minutes.

    Control system

    For effective operation of both a small server and a complex of several data centers, it is important to have a modern management system. Such a system - Symbiosis - was created by PDU eXpert together with a German partner company specializing in the design and development of engineering software products. Historically, German partners PDU eXpert have developed software for iOS and Nokia Symbian OS mobile applications. This experience has created an extremely user-friendly management software with an intuitive and informative user interface.

    An important feature of Symbiosis ¬ is the ability to work in a heterogeneous environment with equipment of different types and manufacturers. This software supports various eXpert PDUs - PDUs, ATSs, UPSs, - as well as PDUs from Raritan and other companies, various air conditioners and sensors. The optimized universal SNMP drivers used in the solution allow working with the equipment of various suppliers. At the same time, unlike most similar solutions that support only the basic function of GET, Symbiosis is able to perform a wide range of functions for measuring parameters and their control.
    Unlike the DCIM class control systems on the market, the Symbiosis system is free from many redundant functions and is more flexible and affordable. However, it is suitable for both small and medium server rooms, and can be scaled to service a complex from several data centers. Symbiosis is quickly installed and configured on the principle of plug & play.

    Symbiosis allows users to set thresholds for each of the compatible devices connected to the gateway. After these restrictions are set, the system will automatically alert selected users, including via email notifications.

    Right on target

    Among the eXpert PDU clients are representatives of large, medium and small businesses; international corporations and companies with offices in the EU and the EMEA region. Customers are attracted, first of all, by the high European quality, functionality and price attractiveness of the products of the English manufacturer. The fact that eXpert PDU products are trusted by the operation of the most critical systems is, for example, indicated by the use of the company's PDU at the European Nuclear Research Center CERN (Switzerland), as well as in the Goal-Line system used to make decisions about the ball crossing the goal line in football (For details, see the eXpert PDU material for the 2018 World Cup on our website). So the eXpert PDU is an accurate target hit.

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