Cackle - affiliate program

    Today I’ll tell you how to use Cackle not only to comment, but also to make money. Last week, we implemented and launched an affiliate program. Under the cut, a detailed description of the registration process, conditions and some important points of the partnership.

    We provide each partner with a link. Clients using these links have the opportunity to purchase Cackle accounts at a discount for 3 years. Provided that they will not clear browser cookies. The partner chooses the discount himself - from 5% to 40%.


    First of all, we think about our customers and therefore have chosen the most comfortable partnership conditions:
    • Anyone can become a partner - an individual, legal or individual entrepreneur
    • You get affiliate rewards from the sale of any account - Start, Plus and Pro
    • Affiliate fees range from 5% to 40%, respectively, the minimum discount on accounts 0%, maximum 35%
    • The company reserves 60% and this amount includes payment of tax and transfers to a pension fund (Pension Fund) for an individual
    • All payments are made next month after the reporting of 3,000 rubles


    To register as a partner, you need a Cackle account. If you don’t have one, then the registration link will help to fix this. If you are already registered, then here on this link , registration in the affiliate program is available.

    On the partner registration page, you must choose the form of cooperation - Individual, Legal entity or Individual entrepreneur. Fill in all the required fields. After submitting the form, it will no longer be possible to correct something automatically, so be careful.

    After our moderation, the partner will be activated within 1-2 days, in fact it happens on the same day. From this moment, we are waiting for scanned documents to, for each form of cooperation:
    IndividualEntityIndividual entrepreneur
    bank details
    Certificate of state registration of a legal entity
    Certificate of registration with a tax authority
    bank details
    certificate of registration of an individual as an IP
    certificate of registration with the tax authority of an individual at the place of residence
    bank details

    Bank details are needed to verify the correctness of filling in during registration.

    How it works

    After registration,

    you can create several affiliate programs in your partner’s dashboard, with different discounts:

    By choosing such a program, you will see balance information, an affiliate link and all payments on it: An

    affiliate link is just the one through which your customers can buy Cackle accounts with discount. Here, for example, is my link with a 20% discount:

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