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    What are the consequences of an increase in site load time of just 1 second? Catastrophic! For Amazon, for example, this could result in a loss of $ 1.6 billion a year . For more information about why you should be cautious with the addition of heavy chips to the site that reduce its performance, see the video from Alconost .

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    According to USA Today research, most Americans will refuse to wait in line if it takes more than 15 minutes, half of the visitors will never return to the institution where they were made to wait long, and every fifth buyer can be rude if they are served “too slowly”.

    A similar picture is observed in the online world. Every fourth visitor leaves the page if it loads for more than 4 seconds. You will lose about half of your visitors if the page does not open on their mobile device in 10 seconds.
    And when it comes to e-commerce, every second becomes important: 40% of mobile customers leave the online store, the pages of which load for longer than 3 seconds.

    CompanyAberdeen Group conducted a study according to which an increase in load time by 1 second has the following consequences:
    • decrease in page views by 11%;
    • 16% reduction in customer satisfaction;
    • a 7% decrease in the conversion rate of visitors to buyers.

    So think hard before you add a cool feature to your site or web service next time that will increase your download time “by just 1 second.”

    These and other interesting facts are presented in infographics from .

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