Alexander Zharov gave an interview for Vedomosti

    First went

    Head of Roskomnadzor regarding bloggers and Internet regulation . The link provides a complete interview.
    In particular, they touched on the spread of the blocking mechanism of sites, initially aimed at protecting children, on an increasing number of topics, touched upon the blocking of Navalny's site and many other issues.


    And, of course, the hot topic is the law on bloggers:

    - On August 1, the so-called law on bloggers comes into force, which obliges the owners of popular blogs to register with Roskomnadzor and comply with the rules on the publication of reliable information, etc. Is it already clear how you count blog traffic, which counters will be used? Will Roskomnadzor have its own counter?

    - We will not develop our counter for now, although this possibility is being discussed. We will use industry-recognized public meters - OpenStat, Yandex.Metrica,, Liveinternet, and others. We will only do our own counter if we understand that these tools are not enough to effectively implement our functions.

    - Will Roskomnadzor make a list of popular bloggers and invite them to register in the registry?

    - There will be no “all-Russian census of bloggers”. Together with the industry, we have developed a methodology for determining attendance, which includes several possibilities.

    A blogger can install a recommended counter on his page, independently calculate his attendance and register on an initiative basis. If he does not want to do this, then we will be guided by signals from citizens and organizations that will turn our attention to this or that blogger. We have already agreed with the owners of these meters that they will finalize their services for the purpose and methodology of this law. We also have the right to contact the site for information about the daily attendance of a particular blog. With their help, we can determine the attendance of a blogger and notify him of registration in the registry if he has more than 3000 visits per day.

    - And if the blogger says "I do not want"?

    - We are in the process of forming a special conflict commission under Roskomnadzor, which will include representatives of Internet sites and authoritative experts in the field of the Internet. All disputed cases will be dealt with by this commission.

    The law does not provide liability for a blogger for violation of this particular law. We can’t apply direct measures of influence to him - unless we turn to the Ministry of Internal Affairs to get him an administrative fine of up to 1000 rubles. for petty hooliganism, for example for swearing.

    But we have a more effective mechanism - we can make complaints on the online platform on which the blog is posted. For sites this is, of course, a problem, because if they do not take any measures, then they will face fines of up to 500,000 rubles. or even a lock. So I think that in the agreements between Internet resources and users some effective mechanisms of the platform’s influence on the blogger for maliciously ignoring the requirements of the law by the latter will be spelled out.

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