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    Friends, the first Sunday of February ends, which means that it's time to read about the most important and interesting news from the world of the gaming and IT industry, to be savvy in the coming winter Monday. Brew a seagull with cookies, sit down, in front of you is the "Logic"!

    IT industry news

    • The Canadian company Research In Motion, which manufactures smartphones under the BlackBerry brand, has changed its name to match the brand of its products.
    • Satoru Iwata, president of Nintendo, reporting on the third fiscal quarter, spoke about the company's plans for next-generation consoles - the heirs of 3DS and Wii U.
    • Zynga Studio's chief game designer, Brian Reynolds, resigned and began looking for a new place to work.
    • Greg Zeschuk, a former co-head of BioWare gaming studio, compared the merger with Electronic Arts with a bear hug.
    • Jason Rubin, president of THQ, told an interview with MCV that the company had a chance to stay afloat if management representatives made some mistakes.
    • Sony announced that a new PlayStation Meeting press conference will be organized on February 20. The company has published a teaser for this event, which runs under the slogan “See The Future”.
    • Electronic Arts has officially announced that over the past quarter, revenue from sales of its games fell from $ 1.06 billion to $ 922 million, but losses were reduced from $ 205 million to $ 45 million.
    • John Richitello, CEO of Electronic Arts, at the last press conference , said that the next generation console still not been introduced to the market.

    Game industry news

    • Rockstar has officially announced that the release of the game Grand Theft Auto V has been postponed from spring to autumn.
    • The cult Half-Life shooter was released on Linux and Mac OS X. There has not yet been an official statement from Valve on this topic, but players have already managed to “magically” find these versions of the game.
    • Game publisher Paradox Interactive and the Swedish studio Pieces Interactive have announced a turn-based strategy about ship battles, called Leviathan: Warships.
    • Paradox Interactive will release the Magicka: Wizards of the Square Tablet arcade on iPad and Android tablets, which is being developed by Swedish studio Ludosity.
    • DC Comics and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has officially announced that in Europe there will be a release of a special edition of the fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us Special Edition.
    • Frozenbyte has announced that an update will be released for the platform game Trine 2: Director's Cut.
    • Game publisher Electronic Arts has refused to continue developing the series Medal of Honor.
    • The new Battlefield game will go on sale “next year,” said Frank Guibot, head of EA Labels.
    • Game developer Imangi Studios reported today that Temple Run 2 has exceeded 50 million downloads.
    • Duncan Jones will be directing the film, which is based on the universe of the Warcraft game series.
    • Publisher Ubisoft has officially announced that it has taken a break in the development of the game series Prince of Persia.

    Useful links for those who want something to test

    • The game Dirty Bomb began to open to players around the world. Splash Damage announced the launch of closed alpha testing of the multiplayer shooter.
    • If you are the owner of the Xbox 360 console, but did not have time to get a gold subscription and want to play the demo version of the game Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, then it's your time !
    • Very soon , beta testing of MMORPG Neverwinter will begin . Testing will be closed, but to get into beta, you need to register on the official website of the game. Maybe at least someone will please the old-school RPG fans?

    No comments

    • In Sidsvenskan, a city in Sweden, police stormed an apartment in which teenagers played the Call of Duty game.
    • Arvind Batia, an analyst, calculated the estimated costs of developing Grand Theft Auto V, and how many copies Rockstar should sell in order for the game to pay off and make a profit.
    • The game Warface was listed in the Guinness Book of Records. This was reported by the developers of the game on the official website of the project.
    • In the Frunze district of St. Petersburg, a competition was announced to create a computer game that could talk about Kupchino.

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