[Peter, announcement] JUG.ru meeting with Dmitry Alexandrov - Nashorn: a lightweight JavaScript engine on the JVM

    On Wednesday, September 14, at 20:00, a meeting of JUG.ru with Dmitry Alexandrov , an expert on Java EE, Spring and JavaScript, will be held at the office of SEMrush . Theme of the meeting: Nashorn is a lightweight JavaScript engine on the JVM .

    In this session, we will introduce the Nashorn project, a lightweight JavaScript engine on the JVM. We will go from simple to complex: we will learn how and why Java and JavaScript can coexist. Let's see how to call JavaScript from Java and vice versa. We will learn how to work in the jjs console, or how to write (and most importantly, debug) scripts for the OS independent of the OS in the presence of JDK. Let's see how JavaScript libraries can be used in Java projects. Let's see how you can give dynamism to our programs using scripting in JS.

    Next, with concrete examples, we will move on to the complex one - we will familiarize ourselves with the avatar.js project for writing web applications in the style of node.js. Let's see how avatar.js integrates with Java application servers. For an example, consider how the Java + EE + JPA + Nashorn + Avatar.js + AngularJS technology stack gets along.

    About Speaker

    Dmitry Alexandrov is a leading programmer / architect at T-Systems, co-leader of the Bulgarian Java User Group. In addition to work, he gives lectures at conferences. The organizer of the jPrime Conference , the largest Java conference in the Balkans. The main interests include dynamic languages ​​in the JVM (Nashorn project) and Java EE, as well as the entire Spring infrastructure.

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