"Clean Internet" in the Kostroma region will be only with the consent of users

    As a resident of Kostroma, I was seriously excited by the news about the forcibly promoted “clean Internet”. After all, the introduction of a white list means the possible inoperability of everyone’s favorite torrents, Skype, highly specialized technical resources, as well as most foreign sites. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. However, as it turned out, not everything is so scary. Details under the cut.

    Yesterday , a message appeared on the website of the public services portal of the Kostroma region , refuting recent news about the forced introduction of a “white list” of Internet resources in the Kostroma region. The last paragraph says: "The connection of the predefined parental control will occur with the consent of the recipients of the Internet service".

    It is also known that the Minister of Communications Nikolai Nikiforov, declared the illegality of the introduction of such filters in the Russian regions:
    " In our country, a single and indivisible information space, any of its own rules for citizen access to information cannot operate in the territory of one region or region. " .

    All of this is good news, however, is not worth to relax, as the white list, suddenly can become law, as has recently happened with the black..

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