Reactable - a new musical instrument!

    The recently released information on the release of small-soft sensor cabinets was very heatedly discussed by news media around the world.
    I would like to share one more information about a very interesting musical instrument, sorry if there was already any information about it.

    Multipoint touchscreens are not the only variety of new interfaces. Audio developers sometimes come up with the most unexpected ideas. There are a lot of electronic musical devices that have nothing to do either with ordinary synthesizers or with their digital emulators.

    The most interesting of these projects is reacTable, created by a group of European developers from the Institute of Audiovisual Technologies in Barcelona. The device is an interactive surface on which interconnected blocks are installed, the position and orientation of which affects the generated audio signal.

    By adding and rearranging designer elements, the artist uses the device as a musical instrument or, rather, an extremely visual interface for a set of different musical instruments: modules trained to play the role of synthesizers and effects.

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