Announcement of Intensive Software Testing Training at DevCon 2013


    Dear software developers and developers! On behalf of the DevCon 2013 conference team, I am pleased to announce at the conference an intensive training on software testing , which will be conducted by Dmitry Andreev , an expert on strategic technologies at Microsoft.

    Interested in software testing? Do you work as a tester and want to expand your knowledge? Want to learn more about modern software testing techniques and tools? Are you curious about ways to determine test completeness, automated testing, and integration with your production environment? Then a training on software testing will be extremely useful to you! Any participant

    can attend the training conference DevCon 2013. The number of seats in the training is limited.

    Training purpose

    Ensuring a high level of quality of the developed information systems is one of the most important tasks in the field of software development. At the same time, it is important to consider this task in a comprehensive manner and apply many approaches that are aimed at various aspects of quality assurance. An important point is the use of tools that allow you to reduce routine operations, optimize labor costs, and increase the efficiency of interaction between people in a team. The purpose of the training is to show how the tools included in the Visual Studio 2012 line can allow you to organize work to ensure the quality of your developed systems from the design stage to the organization of feedback with an already operating system.

    Students will receive decals on the completion of the training and the opportunity to ask questions to the largest expert in software development and testing.

    About Speaker

    imageDmitry Andreev - Information Systems Development Expert, Microsoft in Russia

    He has been working in the IT industry since 1992. Certified Microsoft Solution Developer (MCSD). Dmitry’s main technological interests include organizing software development processes, architecture of information systems and managing IT projects. Supporter of practical and flexible methodologies for solving the problems of organizing development processes.

    Training program

    Start after lunch. The duration of each module is 50 minutes. Breaks 10 minutes.

    1. A brief introduction to the organization of development and testing processes

    • Continuous Software Development Cycle
    • The concept of Continuous Integration. The importance of implementing the CI approach to quality assurance.
    • Testing as part of a single software development cycle

    2. Management of testing processes and increasing the effectiveness of testing

    • Test management
    • Application performance testing.
    • Automated functional testing of applications.

    3. Diagnostics and correction of errors found
    • Methods for determining the completeness of testing.
    • Testing Reporting
    • Effective tester-developer interaction

    4. Additional methods to increase the effectiveness of testing
    • DevOps - integration with the production environment
    • Introduction to virtual test environments and management of virtual test environments

    About DevCon 2013

    The DevCon conference has been held for several years and has already managed to fall in love with Russian developers and guests from other countries. The key feature of this series of conferences is its suburban format, the venue is carefully selected from the best resorts in the Moscow Region. At the same time, all participants of the conference call in to a country holiday home and live in it for two days of the conference, receiving all the pleasant advantages of these places.

    The key themes for DevCon 2013 will be:

    • Modern client applications
    • Mobile development
    • Cloud computing
    • Software Development and Lifecycle Management Tools
    • Development Technologies and Programming Languages
    • Development, monetization and promotion of applications for application stores
    • Microsoft Modern Design
    • Corporate development, data processing

    You can read more about the DevCon 2013 conference in this announcement or on the official website .

    Registration for the conference is already open ! Tickets are on sale fast. Hurry to take your places!

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