Blah blah blah - book and guide to action

    imageAbout what everyone knows about:
    • A person perceives 80% of information through vision.
    • Better to see once than hear a hundred times.

    Nobody argues with these postulates. At the dawn of mankind, people "corresponded" with pictures - this is how cave art arose. The fact that the information presented in pictures is easier to digest is intuitively known by every mother - the very first books for children are books consisting of only pictures. All parents also know that children like cartoons more than books.

    A picture is more important than text . Therefore, comics are so popular among adults. However, the older a person becomes, the more often he uses words, not pictures, to explain.

    This is largely facilitated by the notorious left-hemisphere formation. Lectures are dictated, answers at the blackboard are reduced in most cases to retelling the text. As a result, most adults do not draw, they don’t know how to draw.

    From here difficulties arise:

    • Firstly, difficulties with communication. It is difficult to explain some things in words.
    • Secondly, difficulty remembering. The visual image is faster to remember and easier to reproduce.

    In fact, everyone knows about this. But the teacher’s calls “to put our hands calmly and not draw while explaining the material”, as well as the universal complex called “I don’t know how to draw” usually completely displace this knowledge. And because adults spend the rest of their lives making presentations, consisting of many pages of text in which they themselves can not remember anything.

    About the book
    I'll be honest - if I saw this book in the store, I would not buy it. The format is rather inconvenient. And it certainly doesn’t fit into the shelf with the previous books from the MYTH.

    But anyway, the book was in my hands and was read by me. True, for the first time I wanted to quit reading on page 10. But by force of will I forced myself to continue reading. On page 125, some phrases interested me, it became easier to read, but already by page 250 reading was slowed down again.

    Why this happened to me I can describe with the words of the author himself:
    • “Words can describe anything. But this does not mean that words are the best way to describe everything around him. ”
    •“ He had a map, and he wanted to lead us out of the forest of verbiage. And he succeeded. True, he and I nevertheless screwed up the extra circles ... ”
    •“ Using the language and speech incorrectly, we blabber our own ideas. ”

    Here I can say that the book causes mixed feelings. On the one hand, it is about using as many visual images in life as possible, on the other hand, there is so much blah blah blah in the book itself that in some places the meaning of what is written is lost. Or blah blah blah so much complicates the perception that it is difficult to understand - what was it all about. but it makes the thoughtful reader go back a couple of pages.

    I think that could be shortened a book about twice, with the essence of the information would not be affected . Helping the reader get rid of Blablablandia, the author himself often can not get out of it.

    For those who have not read the bookI can recommend reading it in a dosed manner, not trying to overpower it "impudently", and the recommendations received immediately put into practice. Moreover, you need to practice in all available ways:
    • talking with homework about how to share homework among everyone is best to draw a beautiful diagram that clearly shows the distribution of responsibilities;
    • when studying a new subject for yourself, draw some of the information, providing the pictures with short captions;
    • When preparing a presentation, provide it with pictures, and pronounce the text aloud.
    • and so on ...

    Replacing some of the words with images “we help the brain find an easier way to reflect on and share complex ideas.” That, in fact, is the essence of the book on Blah Blah Blah.

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