RetroArch - play games of many video game consoles on Android

    On Habré, as you might guess, a fairly large number of video game fans who spent time on toys for Sega, Dendy, PS1, and spend this time now, and with pleasure. Most fans of old consoles use emulators. On Android, there are a couple of good emulators Sega, Dendy and other consoles, but the problem is that they are all different emulators, and I don’t always want to install 5 different emulators in order to play 5 different games. But now there is a way out - a multi- console , so to speak, RetroArch emulator application .

    There was already a mention of it on Habr last year, but it was a mention in connection with the Raspberry Pi, plus then it was almost an alpha version of the application. Now it is ready, completely and completely, loaded intoGoogle Play , and no dancing with a tambourine is required to launch it. The emulator supports a number of USb and Bluetooth controllers, but you can play through the touch screen (which, of course, is not always convenient).

    Here is the list of consoles emulated by the application:

    - PlayStation 1
    - Nintendo Entertainment System
    - Super Nintendo
    - GameBoy
    - GameBoy Advance
    - Neo Geo Pocket Color
    - Sega Genesis
    - Sega Master System
    - WonderSwan Color

    Impressive, right?

    In addition, there is even support for DOOM 1 and DOOM 2, for fans, so to speak.

    The best thing is that the application is completely legal, it does not use BIOS files or any other similar things. In particular, the HLE BIOS emulation is used as a PS1 emulator. In other words, this software is completely legal, and is unlikely to be deleted due to a conflict with the developers of any console. True, ROMs still have to be used from the outside. But the application itself has nothing to do with it, right?

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