Kubernetes to the masses: Slurm kicks off on August 3

    Slurm Coming Soon

    On Friday, Slurm begins, intense in Kubernetes. If the local Internet fails, we will broadcast all the lectures.

    Broadcast Schedule:

    August 3, 9: 00-13: 00
    - Automation of infrastructure deployment. Ansible
    - Docker, the basics of practical work
    - Introducing Kubernetes, the main components (Pod, ReplicaSet, Deployment, Service, Ingress, PV, PVC, ConfigMap, Secret)

    August 3, 16: 00-19: 30
    - Introducing Kubernetes: continued
    - Kubespray, tuning and tuning the Kubernetes cluster

    August 4, 9: 00-11: 00: Ceph, cluster configuration and production features
    on August 4, 15: 00-16: 00: Introduction to Helm
    August 4, 17: 30-18: 30: cluster clipping

    August 5, 9: 00-10: 15: CI / CD, building a deploy to the cluster from scratch

    I will publish links to broadcasts as they become available.

    About Slurm and plans for Slurm-2

    We planned Slurm for 30 seats. Then they added another 20, and still after 10 days the places ran out. Since the topic is so popular, in the fall we will hold Slurm-2, where there will be a repetition of the Slurm-1 program and an advanced course. There will be no more places, so there is a chance that they will quickly run out again. If you leave a request on the site , you will receive a newsletter when we open the sale of tickets.

    What will happen on Slurm

    The list of lectures you see in the broadcast schedule.
    In addition to them there will be practice and 5 supporting webinars:

    - Docker / Ansible
    - Kubernetes
    - Helm
    - Monitoring and Logging
    - CI / CD

    The practice takes place on servers that are allocated by the Southbridge partner and Slurm's sponsor: Selectel. No minicubs, we raise, configure and check the failover of clusters on live servers.

    Selectel is a Russian IT infrastructure provider. When Southbridge customers need a server in the country, we offer Selectel. Now on their servers there are 58 projects that we support.

    In addition to classes on Slurm, there will be a lot of communication on the sidelines. Intensive has not yet begun, and the telegram group is already discussing administration and plans to arrange a small hackathon in place.

    Why did Southbridge decide to organize Slurm?

    There are more and more orders for k8s, and we decided to organize internal training so that the best specialists in the implementation of Kubernetes transfer knowledge to everyone else. Since the administrators of Southbridge live all over the country, they need to be gathered in one place, rent a hotel, conference room, that's all. So we came up with the idea of ​​an “open internal event”, where our administrators and paid participants are engaged.

    Why intensively called Slurm, read in our FB .

    Where is Slurm located

    Due to the fact that we changed the number of places, Slurm will be held immediately in 2 hotels: Volkov-Sky and Mishkina Gora near Serpukhov (2.5 km, 5 minutes drive). A minibus will run between the hotels. For Slerma-2, we will immediately provide one large hotel.

    For those who still have the strength in the evening, there are bicycles, sports grounds, a swimming pool, a sauna, billiards, air hockey, darts and other light board games.

    I’ll post a broadcast link on the Southbridge blog Friday morning.

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