BitTorrent Dropbox Alternative

    BitTorrent Inc. announced a new application that allows users to synchronize folders using the bittorent protocol with encryption. The program is free, has no restrictions on storage volumes and can be used as backup storage or a shared folder. BitTorrent Sync will be especially useful for those groups of users who need to exchange large files via the Internet.

    Bittorrent is a powerful, fast, but at the same time simple tool for sharing files between multiple devices. At least two web giants, Twitter and Facebook , who successfully use this technology to exchange between their servers, can confirm this to you .

    Secure synchronization or backup with bittorrent is now available to the end user. BitTorrent Sync has very similar functionality to popular cloud storage providers such as Dropbox and Skydrive, except that this system is not essentially cloud-based. A huge plus of this system is that third parties do not have access to your data.

    BitTorrent Inc. invites everyone to try the application, but emphasizes that it is still in the alpha testing stage and therefore errors are possible.

    “This program fits perfectly with our common goal of making the Internet better with peer-to-peer technology,” the company comments on this release, hoping to get as many feedback and suggestions as possible from the users on how to improve the application.

    There are many options for the successful use of the program, for example, the user can use one folder for backup storage on all his devices, this will be fast and fault-tolerant. People working together on large files, such as video monitors, will like both speed and unlimited volume.

    Setting up the application is simple and takes no more than a minute of time. Install the program, select a folder for synchronization and generate a key, that's all! The private key will be needed to connect other devices with which synchronization is required.

    You can get even more information about this and other BitTorrent products on the new BitTorrent Labs website .

    via TorrentFreak

    The program is available for the following platforms :
    • Windows XP SP3 or higher
    • Linux with a kernel of 2.6.15 or higher ARM / PPC / i386
    • OSX Snow Leopard or higher

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    Download: Windows , OSX , Linux ARM , Linux PowerPC , Linux i386 , User guide

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