French court obliges Twitter to disclose user data in order to combat anti-Semitism

    "The Paris Supreme Court today ordered Twitter to disclose user data in order to identify the authors of racist and anti-Semitic tweets," French news agencies AFP and Reuters reported. If within 15 days the company does not agree with the requirements, then it will have to pay a fine of € 1000 ($ 1335) daily.

    Last November, the French Jewish Student Union filed a lawsuit on Twitter, demanding the release of data from users who had organized an anti-Semitic rally a month earlier, leaving many tweets with the hashtag #unbonjuif (#agoodJew in French). Incitement to racial hatred is a criminal offense in France, but specific information about the offender is needed to bring real charges.

    As a result, the case came to the Paris Supreme Court with demands to force Twitter to pay significant daily fines if the company refuses to promptly issue users who violate the law. It is worth noting that the company continues to delete some controversial tweets, however, while it still refrains from issuing user data.

    On the other hand, new racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic tweets continue to appear on the pages of users, which, of course, only strengthens the arguments against the current policy of the Internet service.

    In addition, another requirement, which was also satisfied by the judge, was the introduction of an automatic detection system for such tweets. However, at the moment it is not known when a similar function will appear and whether it will be limited only to the territory of France.

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