cPxStack - Nginx / PHP-FPM on cPanel server, without Apache!

    The plugin allows the user to switch the Cpanel web server to Nginx and PHP-FPM, completely turning off Apache.


    Not only proxy-pass on Apache, but implements the full Nginx + PHP-FPM stack without Apache!

    cpXstack for server administrator provides the following benefits:

    • Providing an alternative web server and PHP stack than cPanel supports in a standard installation.
    • cpXstack WHM module allows the administrator to limit the maximum number of PHP processes per user, allows him to scale web hosting plans.
    • Nginx can provide more predictable performance under high loads, thereby allowing administrators to reduce server load and scalability of server resources.
    • Nginx consumes less RAM when compared to Apache HTTPD, thereby helping administrators use the server efficiently.
    • PHP-FPM has more features than other FastCGI implementations and is used in many installations.
    • Provides multiple versions of PHP for end users.
    • It provides clean installation and uninstallation - the plugin does not make significant changes to your standard Cpanel configuration and once uninstalling it returns the system to the same state as before with Apache.

    cpXstack for the user provides the following benefits:

    • Choosing to use Nginx + PHP-FPM instead of Apache / PHP
    • The user can add additional configurations like for Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, etc. directly editing the config in cpanel.
    • Better user protection against DDOS attacks due to design features.
    • PHP version selection.

    documentation and developer site.

    ps. modules page on cpanel


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