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Original author: Addy Osmani et al
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Note perev .: instead of short news, decided to transfer the dock on this fork.

Express the Stack Yeoman - this fork Yeoman ( approx .: pens. Article Habré ).
Fork was created to prove the ability to develop a full stack (client-server) using Yeoman 0.9.6, Express and AngularJS. Note: this is an experimental branch and (for now) is only suitable for testing and running the concept.
  • Specialized version of Yeoman server.js with support for Express Middleware
  • Out of the box LiveReload supported
  • Generator for Express and CRUD — Generator for AngularJS

It is assumed that you will have the code of both the client and server parts of the application in one directory. After installation, you can see the structure of the built-in test application: a directory serverfor the server side of the application and a directory appfor the client side.


  • yeoman-custom - Special build Yeoman 0.9.6 with support for Express-middleware
  • generators - Generators for Express and AngularJS (CRUD)
  • demo - example application

Installation (assuming Yeoman@0.9.6 is already installed)

Clone Repository

git clone git://
cd yeoman
git checkout express-stack

Set Yeoman@0.9.6 and Grunt
npm install -g yeoman
npm install -g grunt

Then from the directory express-stackexecute:
  1. npm install
  2. grunt install
  3. follow the prompts from step 2 and update the system paths
  4. now a new command is available to you yeomen(noticed e instead of a in the word yeoman? - e means express ); this command can run a separate copy of yeoman to use the new generators listed below

Let's start

After the installation process is complete, you have two options: you can start a new application using the commands listed below, or go to the demo, which already has a small sample code so that you can try the finished project.
yeomen init angularcrud            # Обычное приложение Angular
yeomen init angularcrud:crud post  # Angular CRUD routes/views
yeomen init express post           # Express CRUD
yeomen server
# теперь можно перейти по ссылке #/api/post/index чтобы проверить
# что маршрутизация корректно работает с Express

Note: if errors are reported that Express is not installed, execute npm install express.


Now you can go to the demo directory and run the command yeomen serverto launch this application. If you have several versions of yeoman installed locally, you can use it yeoman-customdirectly, but in general it should work like that.

And finally, generators. The following are supported:

You can read more about each in USAGE .

The authors

@addyosmani, @blai, @jacobmumm, @mklabs

Note. perev.
An opinion on how convenient it is to use Yeoman for developing applications on AngularJS can be compiled by video (the video is long but interesting; the process of creating a simple store is shown):

( watch from 13:40 ) .
Just in case, I emphasize that the video uses the usual build of Yeoman, and only the client part is developed.

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