NetWrix Freeware License Codes

    We have repeatedly written about our free programs ( here , here , here even with video ), but still, sometimes they send us similar letters.

    I agree that this behavior is unacceptable for any company, if not for one BUT. The program is actually free. And no commercial version of it exists.
    However, the reason for this post was a recent question on . To quote:

    “Tell me where you can download NetWrix USB Blocker 3.7.195 (2011) or an analogue WRITING the program for FREE but trying to split into $”

    It seems to me that the time has come to clarify this point.

    Once upon a time, the USB Blocker and Disk Space Monitor programs (and a number of others) were commercial programs. However, by a willful decision, product managers moved into the category of free ones. This was done in order to focus more on the development of programs for auditing changes and access control.
    After the programs were transferred from commercial to the free category, license codes were generated for them, the use of which allows the use of former commercial versions for free. And these license codes are constantly overlooked - because they appear on the download page once and then they are difficult to find.

    Therefore, to avoid misunderstandings in the future, we give herelicense codes for our five EXCLUSIVELY FREE programs .
    Let's start with the program mentioned above, namely: NetWrix USB Blocker , which controls the unauthorized use of removable media connected to USB ports. We enter the specified data and get a free license for 1 million. computers.
    License name: NetWrix USB Blocker Freeware License
    License count: 1000000
    License code: EhEQEhoaEhEQEhETDhIQExQX

    Next is the NetWrix Bulk Password Reset program . We never wrote about it anywhere, so let us give here an expanded description of its capabilities.
    The program is designed to quickly change passwords for local accounts on multiple computers. To change passwords, you can specify the entire domain, select individual subgroups of computers, or refer to the list of computers from a text file.
    License name: NetWrix Bulk Password Reset Freeware License
    License count: 1000000
    License code: EhEQEhoaEhEQEhETDhIXEBQa

    NetWrix Disk Space Monitor centrally alerts about free space on domain controllers, file, Exchange and SharePoint servers and database servers. Previously, the free version of the program supported work on only 10 servers, and now it can work on 1 million servers for free.
    License name: NetWrix Disk Space Monitor Freeware License
    License count: 1000000
    License code: EhEQEhoaEhEQEhYTEhYaExQa

    To manage privileged accounts, we once developed the NetWrix Privileged Account Manager .
    License name: NetWrix Privileged Account Manager Freeware License
    License count: 1000000
    License code: EhEQEhoaEhEQEhYTDhEUExYb

    And the last free program - NetWrix Service Monitor - monitors services, restarts them in case of failure, sends email notifications about failures.
    License name: NetWrix Service Monitor Freeware License
    License count: 1000000
    License code: EhEQEhoaEhEQEhYTDhoSFhEb

    At the moment, we are making changes to the site and automatic letters that are sent after downloading the program (but who reads them!), But we would like those users who use our programs to continue to not encounter similar problems. As for the rest of the free programs (free versions, more precisely), they do not request any license codes.

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