Mobile employee at Aruba Networks

    The most important thing for a mobile employee is to receive all corporate services, regardless of their location. In this regard, I really like the slogan Aruba Networks: "People Move Networks Must Follow." Consider this concept.

    Firstly, I want to draw attention to the fact that now more and more often employees refuse to carry laptops with them, preferring tablets and smartphones. Constantly carrying laptops becomes more the prerogative of techies, although again, everything is individual. It’s me that the support of mobile platforms is simply becoming a necessary criterion for organizing comfortable access.

    For example, our employee wants to work comfortably from home or at a hotel. Get access to telephony, mail and CRM system. Moreover, from all the devices familiar to him and without additional fuss.

    For such cases, we use RAP 2. It

    is enough to simply plug this remote access point into the network with a patch cord, after which you will be given Wi-Fi access to your working network with all security policies, without receiving any delays in the Internet, since the rest of the traffic will go on a short route through your provider, do not use the corporate network.

    The scheme of work is the same as with the older piece of


    hardware - RAP 5. The nuances of configuring split tunneling I already discussed in the article: Aruba OS 6.1 and Split Tunnel on RAP 5 . When you configure the RAP 2 profile on the controller - everything is the same.

    By the way, there is one LAN port on RAP 2, if you wish, you can even drop a pure voice vlan on it and catch on a SIP or H.323 phone.

    I also want to note that the remote point not only provides access, but also provides the proper level of access control and protection of radio space, as it is part of the Aruba infrastructure.

    Now consider the case when our employee is mobile to the impossibility and he needs access always and everywhere. For this, Aruba has a Virtual Intranet Access Client mobile client for different platforms, it’s especially nice to have mobile platforms, without requiring a jailbreak and root.

    It’s great that the client, like RAP, works in split tunneling mode, and also knows how to determine when it is directly on the corporate wireless network, without bothering you with additional authorization.

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