What if life puts an ultimatum in front of you right now: you need to change your profession. Not so that you have a choice at the same time, no. Not interested. But this will be a vital necessity. I recently visited a doctor and found some garbage in my eyes. Now there is a showdown of what exactly they found, but there is a chance that I will leave the development due to visual stress, which, due to new factors, may be lost. Although, most likely everything is fine and it's just pulling dough. Nevertheless, I suggest that all those gathered should speculate in the comments how you would spend the rest of your life, suddenly receiving information that for some reason you should not be involved in IT?

    I’ll write from myself: personally, I would do PR. I always did it very well :) After a new profession, I would have earned enough money, sold an apartment, renting odnushka and built a town house. I would sell it to apartments and build two for my profit, then 4. and so on.

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    What would you choose to receive the Ultimatum?

    • 38.6% I would be upset, but would take up what was my hobby, professionally 895
    • 10.9% would rejoice at this and take up what constituted my hobby, professionally 254
    • 24.2% I would be very upset, because I can’t do anything else. I would have to go to penniless salaries 562
    • 7.1% Would not be upset and donkey at home: bake pies and love relatives. 166
    • 21.6% I would be glad for this, because I have long wanted to try myself in something unknown, but there was no reason. 500
    • 36.3% Despite the ban, I would continue to engage in IT. Suddenly carry? 842

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