Returning preinstalled Windows 8

    In the article I will describe the procedure for returning money for a pre-installed operating system on a laptop that was just purchased using the example of the recently released Windows 8. There are plenty of information on previous versions of the Internet, including on the official website of laptop manufacturers. Eight at the time of purchase and, in fact, manipulations with the return no information was found.

    Anticipating comments like “why buy a car without wheels, etc ...” I’ll immediately explain: I personally constantly ask questions on this topic, we will consider this topic something like testing the return system on our own skin.


    All the actions described below were carried out with the Acer V5-171-533 laptop (Y. Market) , the procedure and amount of payments may vary from different manufacturers.

    To get started, check out the article “Refunding the cost of the MS Windows family of OS” on the manufacturer’s official website. As you can see (at the time of writing), there is no data on Windows 8. They didn’t reply to the email at the e-mail indicated in the article, although more than 2 weeks passed.

    In the reviews on the market (link above), we stumble upon the buyer's comment shulepovc dated January 17, 2013
    when trying to make a refund of the cost of preinstalled vin8 - the service center refused reciprocity, there is no return program for vin8 (
    There are already sales, but didn’t come up with the program? There is a violation of Article 11, Part 1, Clause 5 of the Law on Protection of Competition (for details in the WG ). We decide to check everything on our own skin and, in the event of a negative result, have official refusal papers on hand for further actions.

    Laptop purchase

    So, pick up the laptop from the store. Be sure to open the box and remove the warranty card from the inside. It is packed in polyethylene along with instructions.

    It looks like a small brochure in several languages. Ask the seller to fill out a card and put all the necessary seals and stamps. Without filling out this card, the SC has the right to refuse to return the OS.

    It is advisable not to turn on the laptop, because when you first start up, the OS is initially prepared for use, which takes considerable time and we do not need absolutely. Moreover, when you first start Windows asks to accept the terms of the license agreement.

    In no case should this be done. SC will again refuse if you have already agreed and activated your copy.

    It is also mandatory that there is a sticker on the bottom cover of the laptop. Instead of the usual pink sticker of the certificate of authenticity, a sticker of genuine software is now used, a description of which can be found on the Microsoft website .
    The key itself is flashed into the BIOS, which I managed to find out after the laptop was delivered here .

    Service Center Visit

    You can return the OS within a month from the date of purchase by contacting the service center of the Acer retail partner, if you bought a laptop from him, or an authorized service center, which in my case is R-Style Service ( list of SC in Russia ).

    We take with us to the SC a guarantee card, directly a laptop and checks (or other payment documents confirming the fact of acquisition). In my opinion, it is better to bring the whole box directly from the store to avoid unnecessary questions.

    After completing the documents, an acceptance ticket is issued on hand, by whose number you can track the progress of the application.

    The approximate time for formatting the hard, which is the return procedure, as I was told in the SC, is a day or two.

    Second visit to the service center

    In fact, the procedure dragged on for almost a month, therefore, taking this opportunity, I send my regards to the “engineers” of the SC above. The laptop was returned without a sticker, with pristine hard and money. True, in UEFI mode, the laptop refused to start due to the lack of a “bootable device”. If in the comments tell me how to register a boot record from the currently installed Windows 7 x64 boot manager, I would be grateful. Now I use the Legacy BIOS mode.


    If you don’t mind spending time going to the service center and there is no burning desire to start using the just purchased toy, you can try the return procedure. Acer’s tech support wrote that the amount of compensation is 1080 rubles. That is the amount that was returned to me. There is not a word about this on the site, although as follows from the letter, the procedure is similar to previous editions:
    In case of refusal to use the preinstalled Windows OS, you can receive, in the manner and under the conditions established by this ( Program, cash compensation in the amount of:

    For Vista Home Premium, Win 7 Home Premium, Win 8
    1 080 rub


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