Collection of useful links for the system administrator

    I think every competent system administrator has a collection of links to useful resources in their work. I mean various sites and blogs on which posts useful from the point of view of the system administrator are laid out.
    I propose to share them in the format of a link - description.
    Example: - various articles and news on IT and near-IT topics.

    If you find the link useful, put the pluses to the message you need and I will add this link to my post (but without pluses I will also add it, just slower because you will have to study each link yourself).
    As a result (if enough people participate), we will get a good selection of links, which I may categorize.

    PS Habr, open and ENT can not be mentioned. You can post links to specific articles if you find them very useful.

    I'll start with myself (because I administer linux, the links I have are mostly appropriate): is an interesting wiki with many technical articles. - very good articles from ibm. - skip useful articles. - Haut, small tips. - information technology courses from Yandex (video). - introduction to information security from Yandex part one (video) - introduction to information security from Yandex part two (video) - Lectures on the course "Practical aspects of network security" (video, audio, text)

    www is a small selection of puppet haunts. - A large selection of copy-paste manuals. It is very convenient when you need to quickly complete a new task. - Some useful Linux articles and tutorials. For example, - setting up a mail server in Debian (virtual users, mysql, etc.). - Percona's MySQL & InnoDB performance and scalability blog - fault tolerance and scaling. is the CTO Amazon Blog. - Scaling and performance, high loads, PHP, Mysql
    (there is nothing fresh, but old articles can be read)

    I hope the idea will be successful.

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