If I have 30 thousand rubles, what can I invest in?

    The first option is to buy building materials and ice cream on them. As practice suggests, it’s quite healthy, because ice cream is tasty, and building materials have risen in price in recent years. But this is not a contribution, but a way to spend money. The second option is to go to the bank and give money for a year. The problem, obviously, is that you will get the same at the end of the year, taking into account inflation. There are still a bunch of options, and all of them are more or less known and understandable.

    But I want to invest it. 30 thousand rubles, that is, a naturally ridiculous amount for any project, but money that is quite specific for you personally. And it is possible.

    How it works?

    You can divide the shares in the company according to the following principle: 50% + one share to the founder, 20% to a large investor and the remaining 30% to several hundred or thousands of people with 10-30-50 thousand rubles. It is clear that it is often easier to sign a couple of large investors for the remaining interest, if the project is worth it, but microinvestment is better, faster and gives the project a couple of important profits, of which not the last one is to get many people who are personally interested in the project.

    Why is it so important to have many micro-investors?

    Because it is from just a lot of people who understand the essence of the project, know how it works and for it. This gives you this:
    • It is absolutely certain that together with investments, participants will be able to bring part of their experience. For example, when making decisions - justify a specific point of view based on our practice and make the decision more effective.
    • Almost everyone will be the "evangelists" of the project, that is, for example - they will talk about it in social networks, which will immediately give a good start. As I said, my practice shows that 650 micro-investors very quickly reach 150 thousand people.
    • The same crowd effect will allow you to quickly find the new ideas you need, fix bugs in the company’s work and receive feedback. This is control unattainable with a single control center.
    • A lot of side issues will be solved: in such a group of people there will be the necessary connections to get good conditions from suppliers, find personnel, and so on.

    Plus, most likely, each of these people will be the user of the product, that is, he will be able to bring the most valuable to the company - experience with the "best".

    That's cool, but why be a microinvestor?

    It is clear that giving away their 30 thousand rubles is unclear what I don’t really want. And here are some important reasons why it will be useful for micro-investors as well:
    • Firstly, despite the small amount - this is full access to company information. Including financial. Exactly what is complete, that is, there will be an opportunity to mean the whole background and learn. This is generally invaluable - for a small amount to learn everything about a new market segment.
    • Secondly, the status of co-owner of the company. Oddly enough, we rely on ownership and, to some extent, the desire to show off in front of others. The phrase “I am a co-owner of this company” thrown in passing means a lot to a lot of people.
    • Thirdly, this is an opportunity to try to work not with your field of business. As in the first case - an invaluable experience.
    • Fourth, you can invest at a micro level in many different projects - this is a protection against risks.
    • Fifth, this is a full-fledged investment, that is, there is an opportunity to sell the stake later and make money on it.

    What is worth investing at the micro level?

    There are several categories where attachments will give a lot:
    • If we are talking about finances - that’s what you are good at. This allows you to accurately assess business prospects and know what will “shoot” in a year or two.
    • If we are talking about experience - that’s interesting, but where is the high threshold of entry. For example, did you want to open your own restaurant? No question, invest 10 thousand rubles in someone else - and get invaluable experience in choosing a room, communicating with suppliers, obtaining licenses and communicating with sanitary and epidemiological surveillance first-hand. Which usually costs several million in the “crystallized” form of franchisee leadership, by the way.
    • If we are talking about deep moral satisfaction - in what can become legendary and new. In crazy projects that would not have a chance to shoot, if not for the bright idea and support of those who are willing to risk 10 thousand rubles for something magical.

    What is definitely not worth doing

    It is definitely not worth investing money if you need it (or will need it) for basic material things in the future. For example, wresting money from a family budget in a region in order to invest in a project in the hope of making more profit than banking is a bad idea. You can invest only when you clearly know what will happen to the money and how - even for such amounts.

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