Anonymous asks DDoS attacks to be a legitimate protest


    Anonymous group organized the collection of signatures on the White House website in order to recognize DDoS attacks as a protected form of expression of freedom of speech, writes The Verge.

    Hacktivists claim that DDoS attacks can be compared to protests like Capture Wall Street, and online participants disrupt access to the site in the same way protesters can disrupt access to buildings. Anonymous also calls for the release of all prisoners convicted of DDoS attacks and completely decriminalize them.

    The Verge reasonably notes that occupy protests are annoying, but their members rarely interfere with access to buildings. Those who tried were subsequently arrested. DDoS attacks, as a rule, have much more destructive consequences, often hindering the operation of sites for several hours or even days.

    However, the group has time until February 6th to try to convince people and collect the necessary 25,000 signatures for the Obama administration to consider the petition.

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