VM Depot Launched - Linux Virtual Machine Image Repository for the Windows Azure Community


    I hasten to share great news for developers and IT professionals working with Windows Azure. Yesterday, the VM Depot portal was officially launched , which is a repository of virtual machine images based on open OS (primarily Linux), ready for deployment in the Windows Azure cloud.

    VM Depot is a project for the Windows Azure community launched by the team of Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. responsible for open technologies within the company. It is expected that portal content, virtual machines configured for different tasks, will be created and published by developers and IT specialists.

    Today, at the start of the portal, you can already find more than 20 configured images of virtual machines for a variety of tasks. Below is a list of them:

    You can now share your own pre-configured image with the community by uploading it to VM Depot .

    A detailed announcement of the new portal can be found here . How to work with the portal is described in sufficient detail in this article .

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