Nexus 7 as a navigator at -32. Mini test

    At the end of this year, he became the proud owner of the Nexus 7 3g. I wanted to use it as a navigator, and even more as a tracker through the woods, in snowmobile trips. What came of this can be seen under the cut.

    From the moment of purchase, I was surprised by the huge battery consumption, but I figured out how to turn off all wireless interfaces and realized that everything was not so bad. Navigation I need raster from the pictures. And different, somewhere good bing, somewhere Yandex. And all this is offline. I found all this in the wonderful SAS Planet program and its cache for the android SAS4Android. At first I did not plan to write anything about him at all, when suddenly the weather for the trip turned up wonderful, -32! Here is a test piece of iron.

    As a result, recording a track for 2 hours ate approximately 0 percent of the charge. On the way back for6 4 (looked at the gps log) hours eaten about 5% of the charge. all wireless interfaces are off including nfc. Only gps works. Now I’m starting to think about the equipment for permanent mounting under the snowmobile glass and power supply to constantly display the map. What is interesting is that a father who doesn’t like to communicate with computers liked it, and he intuitively understood how to move and zoom the map.
    Well, here's a short video.

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