Concept art - history, purpose, problems associated with it, and how to create it


    Due to the unexpected success of a completely unscientific publication about creating backgrounds in a fairly short period of time, and due to the unexpected interest of the Habrchians in the visual arts, I decided to continue small, but I hope, fascinating stories devoted to how to make something simple, and to what this simple consists of.

    The above means that this material, like most of the materials that I plan to publish further, will be interesting to both beginners and completely unfamiliar people with graphics, as a basis for the future. A rather cheeky way of presenting a theory, inappropriate jokes and stories from the life of artists will help make this publication useful for those who just want to relax, while absorbing new information.

    For those seasoned specialists who sooner or later will certainly come here to lynch me (at least for a similar manner of presentation and attitude to the subject), I apologize in advance. I confess, I am sinful, but I can not help myself, and I intend to continue this graphomania to the masses.

    The party of curtsy is done, the rear is covered, the panopticon can be considered open.

    I am sure that you need a naked theory no more than a dog's fifth paw. I also admit that all the times when I came across a bare theory ended in a sound sleep. Once upon a time, when I was just starting to study the first package of three-dimensional modeling, having bought a couple of thick books and ignoring the well-known position that size is not important at all, amazing things started to happen to me. On the very first pages. I fell asleep. Shamefully. In those poses in which the damn book caught me. Everywhere. Even in the subway.

    I do not want the same for you. I want the story to be interesting, and therefore - down with the boring theory, down with the rules, lecture tone and aplomb that nobody needs. No graphs, tables or comparisons. Only emotions and fun, if possible, like this work. One of the artworks I made during the company in support of financing the development of the Wasteland 2 game.

    What will remain in the article, if you remove the especially technical information, you ask?

    In this article, I will tell you in a very free form about what concept art is, why there is so much of it on the network, why a project without it is doomed to failure, why it is needed in reality, I will talk about the torment of conscience, about the ethical side of concept development . The fact that a successful concept is not necessarily done by a recognized brush master, and how these concepts can suddenly become the standard for all artists on the planet. The case will not do without illustrative examples, which are designed to turn a boring text into a fascinating blockbuster about the adventures of a lion and a plunger.

    The promise was not bad, the peacock fluffed its tail. But how well I coped with this matter - you will evaluate and it is your expert assessment that will determine the fate of my future publications.

    Chapter I - Theoretical Dances

    Small introductory

    Many artists around the world draw hundreds of thousands of concepts every day. The best digital galleries are bursting with a variety of graphic content. While I was writing the two previous sentences, at least ten works were posted on one of the popular CGHUB resources. This is a stream. River. Element.

    We ask ourselves the question - what makes all these people generate a crazy army of concepts of something? What is all this for? Who needs this?

    For some artists, this is a breath without which they cannot live. They need to talk, and a piece of paper for them, what a scene for the actor. For others, this is a challenge, a challenge in which the artist tries to prove to the rest of the world how cool he is and how original his proposed concepts are. Someone is PR. For some, this is a chore, where there is the task of generating at least five sketches per hour of work, so that someone else can choose the best one from them. Someone is just relaxing. The types of these artists are much more than you can imagine, but ...

    ... they all have one thing in common - they create quick concepts that can allow you to determine at an early stage whether to develop the chosen direction or not. Does the author or customer like it or not? Is it worth using a fragment of the image or is it worth throwing it into the bin and starting all over again. Did you manage to catch the thought prancing in your head?

    In this small they capture a lot.

    I want to draw your attention to one of these concepts. This is not my work, but the work of an artist whom I respect, a few words of which, by the way, uttered at the right time smoothed out the consequences of the blow that the gaming industry in the person of “venerable masters of daub” inflicted on me (hereinafter referred to as MMM).

    Author: Leonid Kozienko Source
    page: link

    Careless strokes, strokes and rough forms, in no way affect the quality of the work and the feeling of it, the viewer immediately understands what is in front of him, feels the dynamics of what is happening and can understand what the author tried to convey to him. This is the concept. I would compare the concept with a curse or a slap in the face. And the first and second - quickly reaches the goal. Both that and another defines the further intentions of the person who has carried out the action. Both that and another only a sketch, the concept of disaster, which breaks out with the promise in the form of a conceptual cuff, if he does not heed it.

    Purpose of Concept Art

    The history of the concept art, which is now known to us from many digital portals, as usual, has its roots in the deep past. Much further than the 30s of the last century, when the term concept art was rumored to be first voiced by Walt Disney Feature Animation. Directly at the time of the first artists. Not those who painted on the rocks of mammoths, but those who turned art into a separate profession.

    Artists at all times made sketches preceding the painting, and, of course, without these sketches it was impossible to grow, as daily practice and study is what makes growth possible, and what makes the subsequent transition from quantity to quality to meet new lessons and unknown.

    Thus, under the beautiful term, as often happens, the truth is old as the world. Likewise, around us there are a variety of entities, covered in catchy terms, being, moreover, ordinary, ancient, a thousand years old as open bikes.

    We will not try to cover something that cannot be covered in the framework of this article and will focus only on concept art, which can be associated with games and films, in other words, concept art of the entertainment industry.

    The main purpose of the concept art is to create in the shortest possible time a sketch or layout of an object, which can then be put into production. With minimal time loss, you can choose the best concept, thereby saving time and money. Because, if the concept is approved, “machine flywheels” of other specialists are launched, and in the case of the gaming industry, models, locations and other game entities are created on the basis of the concepts.

    In the case of the film industry, prototypes or prototypes of real objects, such as the Titanic model or the life-size ghost ship Davy Jones, used in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie, are being developed. An error at the level of the concept of an incorrectly approved and launched into production can result in multimillion-dollar losses. In addition, a second equally valuable resource will be lost - time.

    Besides the fact that concept art saves time and allows you to cut off the unnecessary at the earliest stages - this is a powerful tool for creating the world. Without it, people creating this world will not get a holistic view of what is being created. Because the concept is in the head, and the concept on paper is not the same thing, either. Yes, we see pictures in our heads every day, imagine something, but our heads think in images, and we need specifics. And when this specificity is transferred by us to the canvas, we suddenly realize that not everything is so perfect, and that what was good in words is completely not impressive in the form of a complete concept.

    The development of concept art is an integral part of the development of anything, starting from building a house and ending with the launch of the development of a new car. Or maybe a new popular mobile device that is designed to bring the world to its knees. A special case of such concept art will remain in the patent library for a long time , recalling the fecundity of Steve Jobs.
    I will make a reservation right away - I'm not a fan of Apple, I don’t even have devices with a touch screen, but at the same time I respect those who go ahead and achieve their goals. This man fully deserves it. The only thing that such patents is a very shaky field. Having in the hands of one artist it would be possible to patent the whole world, spanning span outlining existing objects and potential objects in it, the main thing is to have imagination.

    Technology for creating concept art

    I will undoubtedly devote a number of articles to this topic, because the methodology for its development can be very different. Whatever I did and whatever methods of its creation would be described by me, more than a bucket of snow from the top of the iceberg cannot be removed.


    The concept can be conveyed using any materials existing on earth. Even sand from the beach can serve as material for creating concept art. Let’s leave the classic ways of its creation, put aside pens, pencils, pens and brushes for a moment and turn our eyes to the cinema.

    There are iconic people and iconic products that are always on the cutting edge of existing industries. There are several such people in the cinema, and the first to come to my mind are Ridley Scott and James Cameron.. Today, more than anything else, I would like to mention the latter. James Cameron is famous not only for the sinking on the piano of De Caprio and not even for the global filming of the sinking giant ship. In this case, his contribution to the cinema would not be so obvious. “Avatar”, with all its entertainment and a wide range of modern technologies used in it, is also not the goal of my strike.

    I suggest that you go deeper into the history of cinema, focusing on the 1986 film Aliens. It is known that during the filming of James Cameron put his hands on the project wherever possible, and not one of the details of this iconic film was left without his attention.
    He was different and different today in that he always knows what he needs. He always knows what he creates and why. And if the concept artists working with him fail to fully realize what he needed, he takes up the matter himself. Namely ... for children's models.

    Outlines of James Cameron for the movie Aliens. It should be noted that, among other things, he paints excellently, which gives him the opportunity to convey his ideas to his subordinates with maximum detail, both logical and visual.
    Image Source: Link

    There is a known case when James could not get the equipment he was interested in from his employees. Without thinking twice, he went to the children's store, bought models of the combined equipment and collected from their fragments what he needed from the beginning. So, samples of sci-fi technology were born, which to this day look relevant. Which, to this day, can be cited as an example to other designers.

    I must say that the technogenic style that he developed for “Aliens”, I mean not only the technique, but also the elements of the environment, including the design of architecture, for many years became a reference and was used to create many Sci-Fi films, games , comics and pictures. This style has been successfully exploited so far by a variety of offices. Of the latest games that come to mind, you can call Doom 3.

    It makes no sense to try to highlight the main elements of Cameron's style, because this is not the task of this article, but you can mention that artists often hear tasks in the style of:
    “Make me such a station, well ... like in Aliens, remember ?, - or
    - I would have such crap to blind as in Aliens, so that with mucus and nausea.

    ( by the way, one Giger Hans Rudolph is responsible for nausea, he is also a character who has genius bordering on madness, which no one denies. I won’t give his illustrations here because I don’t want Habr to be persecuted for advertising violence. Unfortunately, it’s possible in our country all ).
    Giger Website: Link

    When we move on to the next chapter, we will definitely try to follow the classic path by creating a simple and fast concept, and at the same time, in addition to the classics, we will follow the path of James Cameron with his store models.

    Chapter II - Applied, where we ... apply

    Sign of Four

    These lines, my friends, are accompanied by peals of thunder. Somewhere on the horizon of my universe, I see lightning. The flashes of light and the subsequent roar I tend to interpret as messengers of future criticism. “Real folders” will come after me and publicly challenge each of my positions. But, to be afraid of lightning - do not walk in the rain.

    Therefore, we boldly set off to interpret the classics in our own way. As in any other article, we derive the basic thesis - everything should be simple.

    Where does any sketch or concept art begin? From the spot. With blots forming a future image. As correctly noted in the comments to the previous article, this is the principle of undermining (although the term, being official, I still don't like the term, when I pronounce it, completely different things seem to me).

    In this example, I simply put a “blot” with a pen, and began to think in order to turn it. A very funny exercise that resembles a children's game, when a person looks at the clouds and explains to the second person what he thinks like the selected cloud.

    This principle is that the artist, or any other person who loves to draw, moves from the whole to the particular. The most common mistake for beginners is to draw one overly detailed part of the object, which they then don’t know where to fix, and when they fix the object, everything in total looks like a hodgepodge.

    This happens because the person who draws such a collage does not see the final part of his drawing, and, having created a fragment, begins to juggle the entities in style - that's what I intended. What can be done here? Accept the fact that there is a thousand-year experience of mankind, polished by the hands of millions of creative people.

    As a true renegade, I resisted everything classical, refusing to draw pots and flowers. And, if I still refuse to perceive the latter as part of the training, then the concept of “from simple to more complex” should have been accepted by me. In the case of taking this reality at once, I would not have lost several years of my life in the stubborn search for my own path. What's done is done. Since I am a finite person, let’s try to make it so that I can’t drag you along in the abyss of a dangerous heresy.

    We omit the theory of drawing and other classical nonsense, focusing on several important things. The form. Shine. Shadow. Color. All four are the gods of my world. Each object that I create is based on them. I highlight the sister and brother, bearing the names of Light and Shadow. My favorites There will be nothing without them. Dark. Darkness. Mordor. You can deprive the work of color and she will remain her. You can give work terrifying forms, but they will. But there can be no work without light and shadow. Malevich Square? Sorry, but I will never understand the depths of this object.

    We will start with the form. You have probably seen such silhouettes on a number of concept art. This is not just so, and not just because the artist loves silhouettes. Depriving them of color, light and shadow, he studies the form for the right to life. Any object in the game or in the film should have a good, and most importantly interesting shape. It should have some filling that will make it memorable, there should be some kind of chip.

    Now imagine that in the world at the same time two hundred thousand artists are working with you now and they are doing it too. How not to get lost amid two hundred thousand works? To search. Search for a form. Search for zest. Invent. Do not be afraid of experiments. After all, such a situation is relevant for all possible industries. They also have their own specialists, day and night trying to do something of their own.
    As a result, a special cheese appears in one of the provinces of Provence, somewhere it’s possible to make special truffles, and some respected winemaker is finally tearing his opponents back by creating a new, still unrepeated variety of wine, mixing together until now considered incompatible. Ah ... well, yes. Someone else will make their own with a twist of Angry Birds on the basis of other people's flash games, while someone will raise $ 3.336.371 million on Kickstarter contrary to common sense and will become a catalyst for a new era of the golden renaissance in the gaming industry.

    And it doesn’t matter that 99% of all inventors will remain behind the scenes. That is the law of life. This article, too, may be lost somewhere in the storerooms of Habr, and maybe I will not make the game of my dreams. What can you say? Himself a fool. It was better to work.

    Let us return to our “blots”, not the one that served as the first example, but the new one. Suppose we have reached the form that we like. Next, we should indicate the volume of this form. The volume of this silhouette. Due to our twins. Light and shadow. Let's start with my sister, she, come on, prettier.

    Bam, bang, clap ... spots of light fall on our silhouette, indicating the volume of the object. How to achieve this? The first time? From the first time, little is obtained. Practice required. And the objects of practice, by the way, are all that surrounds you. A pack of cigarettes, a coffee mug, your hand, her hand. Yes, yes, we are all so different, but still we are together - coffee, pizza and cigarettes.

    The time has come "brother." We add shadows where appropriate. And with shadow, work is gaining more and more volume. The light at this stage, of course, is not good enough. It is necessary to work out everything in several passes. First, we sort of carved the main massif out of the stone. Outlined the main accents. But if we look in the mirror, then on the face we will completely accidentally show lips, eye sockets and other objects that become visible due to the fact that the volumes of our face are illuminated by light and in turn form a shadow. It is vital for us to designate this volume on our block.
    Let's imagine that the light falls from top to bottom as if the sun was at its zenith, or as if someone had lit a light above us. The light will be brighter than the scattered that was. And this is what happens when we finish adding it.

    Why not add a second source of obsession? So far, he seemed to be hitting from above, but in life we ​​are surrounded by lights, lamps, and the reflection of light from the surface also contributes to the lighting process. Reflection of light our brother calls reflexes. And this is not about the speed of the reaction, but about the reflected light.

    Call it a backlight source. Exactly the same technique is used in every second Hollywood film, where on the one hand there is a warm (red or yellow) light source, and on the other is cold blue. We have a black and white picture, as if designed to prove that everything is at the head - Light and Shadow. Nevertheless, we can use the reception with light.

    Now ... it's time to make a second pass. Correct those jambs that we already have, add small details, add more light and more shade. The most delicious moment when you understand that what has already worked out is fine with you. I intentionally keep all my mistakes so that you can see how often a person makes mistakes (if he is like me, not a pro) in the process of drawing. So, before starting the second passage, let's quickly correct the silhouette and the places where we openly made door jambs.

    Then color is added. Color could be added initially, but then the work of light and shadow would not be so indicative. A person who knows how can interfere with the ingredients at the same time, like a skilled bartender, and you do not have to drink vodka, washing it down with tomato juice from another container. A good bartender will serve it as it should, in the right proportions and while maintaining the position of the liquid layers.

    After the global color scheme, we can begin the local division into materials, complementary colors, etc. Add a golden ligature, detail a trifle, in some places we will lighten the light. In general ... quite an interesting job. This stage is the longest. It can take as much as the right amount of time. At some point, we say stop, because we don’t want to waste time, suddenly the character will not be approved already at the concept stage?

    Here is our sketch and ready. We made a sketch. Now we can give the green light to his life or throw him into the basket of what will never be published and start all over again. In the initial stages, you have to start often.

    I intentionally did not load you with brush sizes, settings of the package in which I draw, and the package is not mentioned anywhere. Because in the fact-finding article, the principle is important to us first. Without knowing the chords, it is difficult to select a melody, unless of course you have hearing from God. Continuing this analogy and knowing that many people without hearing also play guitars - I can say - you will be able to draw too. The main thing is to learn and practice.

    To myself Gordon

    When making concept art, you should not be shy about anything. Even well-known masters of concept art use photographs in their works, you can immediately name Greg Malins (Craig Mullins) and Feng Zu (Feng Zhu). In fact, of course, there are more of them.
    The thing is that often concepts need to be prepared quickly. If you draw them for weeks, it’s just not worth it, and nobody will need you like that. The second reason lies in the very limited life of a concept artist. And not an artist either.

    If you do not believe me, study the samples. This is the concept art for Fallout 3 by Greg Malysn. This is not just a “dad”, it is a treasure trove of digital (and not only her) painting. Nevertheless, you can easily find information on the network about how the first artworks for Fallout 3 were created, how and where photos were used.. However, this in no way detracts from the value of this art. Not an iota.
    Greg Malins website: Link

    The point is not to prove that the artist was able to paint Aivazovsky’s paintings without resorting to tricks and maintaining the pace of work of Aivazovsky himself, known for his phenomenal speed. The point is to produce an adequate result, at the right time and at the same time have time to draw ten thousand works more during your life than if everything was done with your own hands, without using collage, digital painting, 3D blanks, and at the same time would be made classic in a living way.

    I am not against living technology, on the contrary - only for. If there were more, it would be better. But in our time, traveling in the wild and writing live pictures is a high-budget vacation that a rich person can afford, or a damn enthusiastic person who is not afraid of deprivation, or ... a person who draws in while free from his main job.

    In any case, if the use of photographic materials, textures, fragments of other images (of course, not falling under the concept of copyright objects, or allowed for modification) speeds up the work, this is worth using. If a person does not know how to draw well, but knows how to make good compilations, this is also worth using. If a person needs to prepare references for objects or characters for other people - why not make a collage if you clearly know what you need?

    To the question "what is it?" I will answer honestly. In about ten percent of cases I use photographs for poses because I don’t have enough knowledge of anatomy, and if the work is important and I’m afraid to make a mistake, I get up in the right pose myself, take a photo and then look “what and where to fix it”. In about thirty percent of cases I use 3D blanks to speed up the work process, and in order not to make a mistake with the prospect.

    In this place I can be suspected of hypocrisy, and this suspicion will be absolutely legitimate. Offering others to use photographs, I myself shy away from this and tell myself that I cannot afford this for ethical reasons. Well, is it not disastrous, huh?
    Let me give a few words in my defense. Not everyone shares my point of view. And this is very good. Each person determines how to live and work. Moreover, I believe that none of us has the right to blame the other for such actions.

    Why? Yes, because if you yourself drew a ball for several weeks, and someone else took this ball from a clip art - it means absolutely nothing. The fact that you painted it for a long time is your problem. The fact that you painted him for a long time is certainly not his problem. It is not his fault that he, having fumbled, sold this ball for five hundred coins, but you were left with nothing. He shouldn’t owe you for this, and you shouldn’t sit back and whine “this is a son of a bitch, he’s now Berezovsky, but I, an honest ball painter, are aground.”

    Please remember - our problems are, first of all, our problems, and only we are guilty of something that does not work out for us. Do not hang your "merits" neither on God, nor on any of the living.

    In general ... let’s leave Berezovsky and the Untitled alone, we won’t focus on me - we will turn to a practical example. We set ourselves the task in two hours to make a poster for Half-life 3 using all possible methods, including photographs. Put? Now you can search for a bearded man with glasses to use him as a reference. I understandably cheated already at the stage of generating tasks for myself. This bearded man myself.

    We take a camera, iPhone or any other device that can capture you and take a photo (either we find it on the network, or we photograph a friend or a foe). About this one. The photograph is not given because I need advertising and dream of getting into the program “Marry this Immediately”. You just have to see and understand two things - a photograph can be of the most disgusting quality, you have nothing to be ashamed of your own fooling around, if you do not tumble it now, then it may become so that your children or grandchildren will tumble it - and you will grunt enviously Rocking chair complaining about missed opportunities.

    I could take a full-length photograph and build a composition, but ... in this case, there would be much more work. And when the wife comes into my office and sees that I am painting myself ... the right word, she begins to doubt my legal capacity. Then we will try to complete this example as soon as possible.

    So ... the challenge. This morning you got a call from Valve and said that you were selected for the artists' tournament. The task of the tournament is to build a poster for the Half-Life 3 advertising campaign in two hours. If you win, you get ... no further reading. The competition is fictional and there will be no prizes.

    We act quickly. Take a photo.

    We process the photo with filters to make it look more hand-drawn. And we begin to turn it into a "little picture." Add small details, hypertrophy those that are available and also, add a menacing red color to the right. The reception, as in the previous case (see the concept of Monk), is Hollywood, but already in color.

    Next added back light blue. Hair is processed and a tinting operation is performed. All sharp transitions of light and shadow are replaced by smoother ones. In the same way, photoshop the photos of movie and television stars so that their face does not show signs of reckless life. Finally, we intensify the cold and warm colors, and add a sketch of the spacesuit so that the head finally stops hanging in the air. And we finally give Gordon his bag.

    Add atmosphere by dust cubes left and right. “Atmosphere” is applied in the color that is closest to the virtual light sources. On the left, the dust is highlighted in blue, on the right is yellow. Gordon without the lambda is not Gordon. A little tip. Text and logos always ennoble any even mediocre picture if you pick them the right colors and place them in the right places, just like even the mediocre armor with engraved patterns look much richer than if they weren’t.

    After completion of work, a contrast adjustment is usually performed. Experienced artists immediately paint in the right light range. But people like me set a contrast after.

    Required Retreat:I must confess that the doctors recognized me as color blind. Therefore, if I say blue, most often it turns out that it is purple. “My” brown is rumored to have a pale green hue. "According to rumors" because I have no opportunity to verify this.

    To show the process of converting photography into art, I made an enlarged GIF example with recorded stages. And yes, I almost forgot. Like everyone I make mistakes. Perhaps even more often than all. The wife once again passing by asked what kind of stick is "in my hands". I indignantly retorted that only a blind person could not recognize the mount. However, the worm of doubt was sown. Googling immediately, I found that my mailbox is not the same as a mailbox in the rest of the world. It is necessary to redo it.

    Remember, I told you that everything is different in the head and on the canvas. This is a good example. As if specially got into this work. I imagined a nail clipper like that, and until I was poked with my nose into my “lies”, I did not notice this. And having noticed - was horrified. This piece of steel can be recognized only if it is signed by the "Freeman".

    That's all. This method, unfortunately (like the previous one), is not suitable for people who do not know how to draw. However, for them, who do not yet know how, and if they have not fallen asleep yet, there is a third way.

    In Cameron's Footsteps

    Remember I talked about James Cameron? His turn came. This morning I saw another toy broken by my child. Another of his many tractors. It was impossible to fix it, and I threw it on the table near the system unit.

    I want to step aside a little from the microphone and tell you that almost all of my strength and resources are devoted to creating my own game. Unlike previous games that I made (or in which I participated) - this one will be neither casual, nor social, nor online, I was so full of attempts to please all types of gamers that I forgot that the main thing is to just make games, investing in them what you want to invest yourself, and not what others say to you.
    So now I draw a lot of concepts to understand and see the world that I am building, and which then ceases to be a concept, turning into reality. The objects of this world seem to me everywhere. I am constantly looking for any details that I could distort and transfer to my ... fictional world. One of these elements became airships. After this retreat, you can go back. To a broken tractor.

    A pencil case from my glasses caught my eye, and my hands reached out to him and adjusted the tractor cabin from above. Further, everything went like clockwork. Taking the other part of the tractor and adjusting it back, I imagined that there might be a crane arrow, and adding a piece of a child’s toy to the nose of an imaginary zeppelin I got an air intake.

    If you have a good imagination, then the cork will become an air intake. But if imagination is less developed, then pieces of prefabricated models that are sold in toy stores will really help.

    In this example, I still draw the outline, although I could assemble the concept of the model from the pencil case. But firstly, I’m damn sorry for the pencil case (this is a gift that I’m not ready to put on the altar of graphomania), and secondly it will take a lot of time. I bow to those people who, within a month or two, are able to assemble a model of an ancient frigate using not only purchased fragments of parts, but also developing their own fragments, while introducing their own know-how.

    This time I will not burden your tired mind with the details of what I am doing and just present this canvas. With stages from the very beginning to the very end. The beginning was a pencil case with a piece of toy - the finale - a piece of the world that I erect, a small loading ship, a soaring tugboat.

    Chapter III - In Which We Summarize

    What they didn’t talk about

    This review article, as I said, is very superficial. Unfortunately, and perhaps fortunately, it did not occur to me at this stage to create several tutorials, and I limited myself to general provisions and very general examples.

    As I already said, it’s completely useless if readers open the article, turn the wheels of the mice with a sigh, rolling their eyes painfully to the sky, and gradually fall asleep, trying to overpower the unfriendly material. You could even say, in the context of this article, that this was the concept art of future articles. If it seemed interesting to you, the topic can be continued and developed. Just like a warhead is divided, carrying several small missiles in its body, which then each hit at its target.

    Among other things, I would like to outline in a short list a number of things that I did not say about, and which may be important. Just as important are points in a sentence.


    Concept art - does not have to be fast , and the artist does not have to spend time from an hour to two. A concept can also be considered a concept or a concept of future achievements. If someone is given the task of making a concept for the general plan in the film, then the artist will give him enough time, sometimes significantly exceeding the working day.

    Fine art is a fundamental topic that cannot be considered in such an article , therefore, all definitions of such things as lines in space, perspective, strokes and other entities that constitute fine art, by the words of Semyon Altov, "were thrown out of England." I am not a teacher, and you are not students in the lesson, I am sure that we can very well be satisfied with the educational program.

    Art itself is a very voluminous topic , and the boundaries of concepts such as concept art, production art, art, sketch are very blurry. The authors themselves clearly know where and in what category they relate their work, but the marketing department often has a different opinion about this. For example, on a large number of Internet resources you can see beautiful pictures that these sites give out as concept art, however, in fact, they are production art and perform its functions. There may be a situation of abortion. Incorrect interpretation of art type definitions is possible.

    The author of the article did not graduate from high schools, did not go to courses and is not familiar with classical art schools, classical techniques and painting techniques. He is a self-taught person who tried to get to the pen in her own way. In this regard, the author cannot be considered the ultimate truth. I think that also can not be considered true at all.

    The article reflects the subjective opinion of the author , multiplied by the personal experiences of the author as a result of acquaintance with the gaming industry.

    The usefulness of this article is determined by the Habrchians themselves , the author does not claim to be Prometheus or Columbus. I will not give you my liver for anything and do not agree to discover America.

    To understand what abyss is hidden under the term art, the author recommendsvisit the largest online resources dedicated to artists. You can find there articles much better than this, interviews with prominent representatives of the industry, and just relax, looking at a great many wonderful works.

    Not a single specific MMM is mentioned - because Habr is not a place for personal showdowns.


    One more thing. At the end of letters, texts and other letters in the West, it is customary to write - Thanks for your time. Many Americanisms are not to my liking, but many things cause a rare liking. You spent your time reading this article, giving me your most precious resource - time. And I thank you for that.

    Thank you for your time.

    Have a good New Year, an excellent table, a comfortable chair and no sick heads in the morning. Move Bukhabr calmly, with dignity and without loss.

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