Another 10 thousand free Leap Motion controllers for developers

    In May this year, the American startup Leap announced the futuristic Leap Motion controller with gesture recognition in the air. It surpasses Microsoft Kinect in many ways. For example, the gesture recognition accuracy is 0.01 mm, which is a hundred times better than in Kinect. The controller is connected to the computer via USB.

    Throughout this year, Leap distributed the SDK and distributed controllers to software developers. A total of 2,000 were sent. Now, at the final stage of testing, the company announced an increase in the number of free samples to 12,000 and the release of a new version of the SDK.

    The new SDK implements additional features specifically for game developers, including standard calls for operations such as capturing or pushing objects in virtual space.

    By the official release of the device for sale there will be many programs that use the unique capabilities of this gadget. Particular hopes for the emergence of new games. The result of cooperation with developers is already visible. N Leap Motion Video Channel on Youtubeperiodically publish demos of new programs. For example, an air harp on which you can play, fingering in the air, control an unmanned aerial vehicle by tilting your palms, playing Doom 2 with your index finger .

    Recently, the company published the first demo of its own design - the Block 54 game, in which you need to remove the bricks from the virtual structure.

    Pre-order the device for $ 69.99. Sales will begin in a few months. They promise to name the exact date after the New Year.

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