Top 5 Things I Learned From IBM Software for System z for Dummies

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    Under the cut - translation notes Mark Skapichio (Mark Scapicchio) from IBM System z blog, in which he shares the opinion of the book of the IBM Software for the System for the Z Dummies .

    In the first few weeks after the release, the free e-book IBM Software for System z for Dummies became one of the most talked about topics among readers of our IBM Software blog and Twitter . As a result, it became the most popular topic of October .

    A few days ago, I was about to see what caused this noise, and I read IBM Software for System z for Dummies from cover to cover. It turned out that 72 pages of the book contain detailed information about affordable software for mainframes, which, on the one hand, is presented in simple language, and on the other, touches on points that are not at all trivial for IT professionals.

    I chose (which was not easy) 5 main things that I learned from this book:

    • When in 1964 IBM introduced the original System / 360 mainframe; it promised customers that any code written for this machine will work unchanged on the following mainframes. This promise holds true today.
    • The new zEnterprise EC12 can run up to 75,000 MIPS (millions of instructions per second) and support more than 13,000 virtual machines on a server and more than 100,000 virtual machines in a cluster.
    • Implementing cloud computing based on System z up to 10 times the speed of deployment of applications and services on the x86 architecture, which is one of the key indicators for many customers.
    • New IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator transaction accelerators for z / OS V3 , combining Netezza and System z technologies, can speed up analytic queries up to 2,000 times. Yes, that's right, up to 2,000 times. Customers report that if previously it took 25 seconds to 90 minutes to process one request, then with Accelerator DB2 Analytics this process takes only 8 seconds or even less.
    • System z is the industry's most secure platform with 5 security levels (EAL 5)

    To summarize, I would like to say that if you are new to mainframes and want to know more about them, or maybe you are worried about optimizing your IT infrastructure for data transfer, cloud computing and security, then IBM Software for System z for Dummies is useful a book that you can download for free .

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