Automattic acquired Gravatar

    Automattic, a company behind the development of the WordPress blog engine, Akismet spam filter and blog hosting, has acquired the Gravatar service , which allows you to use a single avatar on blogs by linking it to an email address. The amount of the transaction was not disclosed.

    Now Gravatar provides all Premium-functions absolutely free of charge (those who paid a paid account less than two months ago will be refunded), the service “spins” on servers and works three times faster. As for future changes, a series of the following innovations is coming:
    • Rewriting a service to increase productivity;
    • Switching to a content distribution network and, as a result, reducing latency without slowing down page loading;
    • Providing through the Gravatar API access to more than a million avatars located on ... this is in addition to 115 thousand already available;
    • Increase the maximum size of the avatar from 80 pixels to 128;
      Support in the Gravatar profile of microformats such as XFN rel = "me" and hCard;
    • Development of a new API that has "clean" URLs, with an avatar binding not only to e-mail, but also to the site address;
    • Service integration with the interface.

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